Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer

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The F100 is the latest addition to an expanded range of Force USA All-In-One Functional Trainers. Affordability and supreme craftsmanship are guaranteed.

Personal trainers and home gym owners now have even more choice with the Force USA F100 All-In-One Functional Trainer. Like the Force USA G20, G12 and G6 machines, the brand new F100 offers popular Force USA features recombined into a unique functional trainer.

The Force USA F100 is ideal for when:


Following the huge global demand for the Force USA G12, this new F100 model has been added to the Force line-up to offer a very similar unit in terms of stations, but one that isn't counterbalanced. With the G12, the F100 shares the dual adjustable pulley with 2 x 100kg weight stacks, the same 1:1 pulley ratio for direct load resistance, an integral Smith machine and the same great half rack with J-hooks and safety spot arms. The Smith machine is a standard commercial one, and comes at a lower price, without compromising build quality. 

The removal of various accessories, such as the vertical leg attachment, which turns the G12's Smith machine into a leg press, keeps the F100's pricing down and makes it an affordable strength investment. If price and availability are the primary factors in your choice of Force USA multi-station, the F100 is worthy of serious consideration. Additional weight plates, an Olympic bar and an adjustable bench make maximum use of all the F100's fabulous features.


Product features



Size assembled: Width of Smith: 210cm, Depth: 175cm, Height: 232cm

Size boxed:  220 x 61 x 53cm

Miniumum ceiling height: 235cm (7 feet, 7 inches) to chin under the bar. 260cm (8 feet, 5.3 inches) to chin above the bar 

Minimum room width: 223 cm absolute minimum, 193cm plus 15cm each side, to allow loading of the Smith bar

Minimum room length: 150cm, plus another 50cm for standing back from the power rack or for moving an adjustable bench within the frame

Product weight: 445kg

Bolt holes: no

Weight stacks: dual 100kg (221lbs). Weight stack total: 199kg (442lbs),

Frame: 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm laser cut high quality steel tubing. Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing

Protective coating: eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder coat followed by a durable clear coating with anti-rust protection

Resistance: free weight and twin 100kg weight stacks

Power rack: J-hook capacity 450kg, safety arms capacity 450kg

Smith machine: capacity of 200kg, not counter balanced. For counter balancing please see the Force USA G12 

Functional trainer: pulley ratio 2:1 with 19 positions, pop pin adjustment, 2000lbs aircraft aluminium cable

Chin bar: ergonomically designed multi-grip chin up/pull up station with a 350kg weight rating

Chest press: with functional trainer, Smith machine/power rack and optional bench

Rowing: base pulley with functional trainer. Low row footplate attachment included

Leg curls: optional with Force USA Bench

Leg extensions: optional with Force USA Bench

Lat pulldown: with functional trainer or with optional F-MR-seat

Core trainer: included

Dip attachment: included

Safety arms: 450 kg capacity

Olympic weight plate set: optional

Warranty: light commercial studio, lifetime frame, 1 year moving parts, 1 year cable and 90 days upholstery



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