Force USA Rack Package 1





Force USA Rack Package 1, includes the following equipment;

Force USA PT Power Rack

Force USA SP3 Adjustable Bench

Younix 7ft 20kg Olympic Bar

70kg Escape Fitness Grip Plate Package (4 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg)

Multi Grip Chin Bar

Perfect for traditional, neutral, close or wide-grip pull-ups weight rated at 200kg! The chin-up can also be inverted to fit into lower ceiling heights. 

3 inch Power Rack Hole Spacing

The Force USA PT Power Rack comes with 28 adjustment points on the front and back uprights so you can make faster and more accurate adjustments for your J-Hooks and Box Tube Safeties. 

J-Hooks Coated With Protective Nylon

Protect your olympic barbell from abrasion and friction damage by using the the nylon coated J-Hooks. These J-Hooks offer a superior protection when compared with typical polyester powder coating. 

Engineered to protect your olympic barbell and reduce risk of rusting. Nylon J-Hooks also dampen the noise of dropping a barbell back into the rack, making it perfect for training in your garage gym or PT facility.

Vertical Weight Plate Holders

Suspend your weight plates safely off the floor for easy access with the 2x standard weight plate storage holders located at the rear of the PT power rack. 

Box Tube Safeties

Push yourself to the limits safely, all without the need of a spotter! Easily install and adjust the box safeties to any height without having to deal with fiddly nuts and bolts. Designed to catch the weight, so you don't have to, these safeties come lined with nylon to ensure your barbells are protected.  

Product features

Classic Force USA Power Rack Design

The Force USA PT Power Rack provides Home Gym owners and personal trainers with a durable and versatile power rack straight out of the Force USA gym equipment stable. 

Optional Lat Pulldown Low Row Attachment

Available as an optional extra the Force USA PT Power Rack Lat Pull-Down / Low Row Attachment allows you to easily add lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, low rows and many more movements to your training routine. Simply connect to the back of your Force USA PT Power Rack and add plates to the loadable sleeves for resistance.


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