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The Max6 is the flagship unit for climbing and sport specific training that combines our largest range of angle adjustment and full width movement Designed to meet the training needs of performance climbing athletes as well as fitness facilities looking to challenge to their membershipBuilt for climbing gyms, fitness and military gyms and training studios that need options from easy to extreme overhangs. Available in 10, 11, or 12 foot wall heights, Base and Pro packages, and an exterior upgrade for outside use.  Please contact us regarding delivery and installation options for the Brewer Fitness Treadwall Max6.

Product features

Motorless and self paced

There is a simple philosophy behind every Treadwall: a rotating wall should move by body weight alone, at the climber’s pace. When the climber moves, the wall rotates: when the climber stops, the wall stops. You are always in control.

Easily changed angles

Our revolutionary new easy swing angle adjustment allows users to easily change the Max angle through a range of +10 to -35 degrees by pulling a lever. Done before or while climbing, the patented system allows anyone to select the angle they need in seconds.

Modern design

Newly re-designed frames and structure give the Treadwall FT series a modern and sleek look, at home in any fitness and climbing setting. Wood panels, dark grey frames and intuitive controls combine in a complete package.

Full climbing movement

Featuring a full six feet wide surface, the Max6 Treadwall offer the range of climbing movement needed to train like a pro. Both lateral and vertical movements combine to build your training to the next level.

Industrial design with no wear parts

The Treadwall has a rugged industrial design proven over 28 years of hard commercial use. There is minimal maintenance and no scheduled wear parts to worry about. Only a small 9v transformer is used to power the sensors.

Full warranty and support

All Treadwalls are backed by a six year parts/one year labor and electronics warranty, and the support of Brewer Fitness, the manufacturer with 28 years of pioneering work in the climbing and fitness business.


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