The CT300 treadmill, ahead of the curve

The CT300 treadmill, ahead of the curve

The CT300 treadmill, ahead of the curve

With its curved running surface, the super sleek CT300 puts the athlete in complete control. Unlike traditional treadmills, the CT300 is non-motorised and therefore, requires no electricity. Not only is it kinder to the environment, it’s kinder to the body, promoting a more natural style of running, with lower impact on the joints and lower limbs. The CT300 pushes the body forward, creating self-propelled momentum to turn the treadmill belt, in a way that is akin to running outside. 

The curved CT300 encourages running on the balls of the feet, maintenance of correct posture and engagement of the trunk, due the machine’s ergonomically precise angle. The belt responds instantly to any change in pace, so there's no need for constant console adjustments to match your energy levels or workout. 

With the athlete as the motor, the mean average calorie expenditure has been shown to be 30-40% higher on a curved treadmill, compared to a flat treadmill. The CT300 guarantees a safe challenge for both the novice and elite runner. Its curved running slats offer greater grip, and a surface that lasts up that lasts up to 150,000 miles.

Where a traditional, motorised treadmill creates friction between the running belt and deck, wearing away parts, the CT300’s heavy duty polyurethane slatted tread has no deck beneath it. The absence of a motor means there is no motor-control board, so all the complicated and expensive replacement of electronics is eliminated. 

The CT300 is the ultimate tool forsprinting and HIIT training, as well as traditional fitness and distance runs. Removing the need for plug points, cables and electricity keeps costs attractively low. Only the LCD data console requires batteries, to provide clear, concise and accurate read-outs at a glance. These include average/maximum speed, average/maximum heart rate, time, distance and calories. 

The CT300 is perfect for the home and multi-use spaces. Its steel frame and handrails are corrosion resistant, assuring durability and stability. A transport handle and heavy-duty castors offer the freedom to move the machine as little or as often as you wish. With servicing costs at a minimum, and versatility at a premium, every gym should be looking to grace its cardio zone with a curve or two.


Product Specification:


Model no: CT-300

Power supply (optional adaptor): Battery

Frame dimensions: H 142 cm, L 180 cm, W 89 cm

Running belt perimeter: 371 cm

Running belt slats: 62 pieces, non-slip rubber

Running belt slat dimensions: L 44 cm, W 6.2cm, D 1.5 cm 

Gross weight: 215 kg

Net weight: 145 kg

Maximum user weight: 200 kg

Warranty: 12 months full commercial, light commercial and home-use