Aqua Training Bag

In 2014, Aqua Training Bag® creators, Edwin “Eddie” Rivera and William “Bill” Ryders, began searching for a training bag that was durable and sustainable, without that dreaded, painful hard spot found in the sand-filled bags. They knew something had to change when their members were sustaining repeated injuries from the old-school unforgiving, sand-filled heavy bags hanging in their gym. As their extensive search came up short, Eddie and Bill made the bold move to make their own bag. After experimenting with equipment of all shapes, sizes, and materials, they discovered that the perfect solution for their new heavy bag wasn’t anything new at all, it was simple. It was water!

Manufactured in New York, the Aqua Training Bag® is the perfect tool for boxers, trainers, professional fighters, and everyday fitness enthusiasts. By utilising water in place of sand, or other materials commonly used to fill heavy bags, Aqua Punching Bags offer flexibility, enhanced training, effortless filling and the “real feel” sensation, similar to striking a real human body, and therefore ideal for professional boxers and MMA fighters.

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