The Grappler is a revolutionary and entirely unique piece of fitness equipment, designed and engineered in the United Kingdom. With 16 levels of resistance, it is suited to every fitness enthusiast, from the professional athlete to gym novice. The Grappler provides exhilarating workouts for stamina, strength, toning and weight loss. It is also hugely popular among those returning to exercise, particularly following illness or injury. Through low impact exercise, the Grappler cleverly manages to build up and work the muscles around an injury, without harming the damaged area.

The Grappler’s design is so simple and effective, and its rope is made from natural, biodegradable, handmade manila. Five minutes pulling on a single rope through two pulleys can equate to 15 minutes of rigorous exercise. The Grappler offers the most amazing cardiovascular workout, for young and old, with no after-burn or build-up of lactic acid in the body, which can leave you feeling sore after training. The Grappler’s compact footprint makes it the perfect choice for home or any fitness facility. At 95kg, with a lifetime warranty on the heavy-duty steel frame and weld, the Grappler is built to last. You can opt to customise its frame and upholstery to match brand colours, making your Grappler look and feel the part in your club.

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