BL1 Home Gym

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The Inspire Fitness BL1 is the most innovative home gym on the market today. The majority of multi gyms operate using a weight stack for the various levels of resistance. The BL1 is a unique leverage system that operates by utilising the users body weight without the use of guide rods and weight plates. As a result this multi-gym is the smoothest and quietest home gym system available due to the fact there are no weight plates and guide rods.

Product features

The lower leverage system has 15 positions and each setting contributes to 10% of resistance versus the users body weight. For example a 200lb user selecting resistance setting 1 will have created 20lbs worth of resistance. Level 5 (50% of users 200lb body weight would equate to 100lbs worth of resistance) The lower resistance settings are with in easy reach of the seat so there is no need to leave the seat when selecting the desired levels of intensity.

Fully adjustable press arms, seat and back pad accommodates multiple users. Exercises include – incline chest press, by adjusting the back pad to the furthest position enables pectoral flys and press simulates dumbbell exercises to help improve coordination in the upper body.

Chest supported rows/lateral pull downs, Tricep push downs, attach the revolving curl bar for Bicep curls, upright rows to target the shoulder muscles. Leg extension and leg curl exercises for the Quadriceps and hamstrings.

Powder coated finish. The Electrostatic powder coat offers a durable, maintenance free finish. User-friendly adjustment for easily select resistance level with one-handed adjustment slide. Accessories included 18″ revolving curl bar and 48” steel lat bar. Pulleys Fiberglass reinforced nylon. Cables 2000lb. tensile strength polyurethane coated cable. Warranty (Residential use only) Lifetime frame, lifetime parts guarantee from Inspire Fitness.

Workouts on the BL1 – Vertical Fixed Bench Press, Vertical Inward Bench Press, Incline Inward Bench Press, Pectoral Fly, Preacher Curls, Bicep Curls, Reverse Tricep Extension, Triceps Pushdown, Shoulder Press, Lateral Deltoid, Upright Row, Shoulder Raise, Reverse Lat Pull Down, Side Bend, Abdominal Crunch, Seated Mid Row With Chest Support, Lat Pull Down, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Glute Kick. Functional Trainer Exercises – Baseball & Golf Swing.


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