Cross 1100 Air Bike


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BH Fitness is a global leader in the design and production of fitness equipment for home and commercial use. Its worldwide presence spans over 85 countries, where BH is renowned for its supreme customer service and innovative solutions. Offering a selection of products developed from more than a century of industry experience, BH gives you simply the best value on the market today. With a varied range of treadmills, bikes, elliptical cross trainers and strength equipment, BH is confident you will find the right equipment to not only reach your fitness goals, but also love the journey that takes you there.

Indoor cycles are a fantastic, hugely popular solution for training at home, as they typically don’t require much space and can be easily manoeuvred from place to place. Cycling is a wonderful form of exercise as it is low impact and sustains good joint health. Benefits include increased calorie burning, overall improved health and fitness

The Cross 1100 is a stable and dynamic bike, ready to handle the most demanding workouts.  The Cross 1100 is built with an air resistance system, which is the most realisitic resistance for intense HIIT training.
The main benefit of an air bike is that it offers a low-impact, full-body workout. The bike gets your arms working and, in essence, the harder you pedal and push your arms, the more resistance you create. In doing so, the quads, glutes, hamstrings, back, chest, and arms are worked by the momentum you create.

The bike boasts two LCD screens, suitable for both functional and HIIT training. The console displays time, distance, calories, speed and watts which allow you to monitor your progress. The Cross 1100's comfortable saddle can be adjusted to ensure fitness enthusiasts of all builds are able to use the bike. It is therefore, ideal for a home setup, where the whole family can use it. The Cross 1100 is equipped with a powerful fan that regulates body temperature during training, which is essential for particularly hard sessions. Hot keys keep you focused on your workout, without having to touch the console to change settings. 

Product features


Specs Cross1100 H8750

Use frequency: Intensive

Maximum user weight: 150Kg


Contact heart rate measuring: No

Fan: Yes


Handlebar adjustment: No

Bottle holder: Yes

Transport wheels: Yes

Length: 122cm Width: 60cm Height: 128cm Weight: 48Kg





Heart rate control program (HRC): 4

Recovery Program (RT): No

Body Fat test (BF): No


Screen: LCD display

Monitor with HIIT by BH training scheme: Yes

Universal holder for Smartphones and/or tablets: Yes


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