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There is nothing quite like training in the fresh air. Outdoor training is not only healthy, it gives a fresh complexion, releases endorphins and boosts vitamin D production. In the home garden, restrictions such as ceiling heights, room depths, non-load-bearing walls and sensitive floors do not play a role. Our HOLD STRONG Outdoor Rig made of stainless steel has been specially designed for training in all weather conditions, all year round. It is made of powder-coated stainless steel and is therefore completely corrosion-protected, able to survive rain, snow and hail unscathed. High-quality welding, special construction and anchoring also ensure storm resistance. Fine details make the Outdoor Rig the new favourite place of every athlete. Used in pure strength training, in cross-workouts, alone, in pairs or in a small training group, this rig is perfectly equipped for varied, intensive training. 

With a width and depth of 1.22 metres, the Outdoor Rig is also suitable for smaller gardens. It is important that the construction is securely anchored in the ground. For this we recommend point or strip foundations at least 50 × 50 cm with a depth of at least 60cm, but preferably 80cm. The training surface should be laid out with floor protection mats. The HOLD STRONG Outdoor Rig is designed for use in fitness training and is not designed for public places and playgrounds. The area must not be accessible to children. However, it is quite suitable for personal trainers and cross-training boxes, for members to train in the open air in the summer. Many small details make the Outdoor Rig the new favorite place of every athlete. Used in pure strength training, in cross-workouts, alone or in pairs or in a small training group, this rig is perfectly equipped for intensive training. 

What's included?

As standard, the Outdoor Rig comes with two uprights and two supports, specially designed for stability. The uprights are perforated over their entire height, so that use of a dumbbell rack is possible on different levels, depending on the exercise and height of the athlete. Included in the delivery are two J-Cups, with which the dumbbell rack can be varied with just one movement, as well as two single bars, which both connect the uprights stably with each other. These can be used for pull-ups and many other weight exercises. The second single bar can be mounted on the supports at different heights and used for special exercises such as push-ups, jumping bar muscle-ups, Australian pull-ups and the rim upswing. As an extra, the Outdoor Rig comes with a double wallball target. The wallball target is easy to install and marks the standard height for both male and female athletes from international cross-fitness competitive sports.

The high version 

We also offer our outdoor rig in an extra-high version, with a total height of 3.80 m. Gymnastic rings can be attached to the integrated shrimp trawler. The height is sufficient for kipping ring muscle ups, even for the tall athlete. The HOLD STRONG Outdoor Rig can even be extended to a total height of 4.30 metres, offering optimal conditions for rope climbing.


The outdoor rig will make the heart of every cross-fitness fan beat faster. It is perfect for combined strength and conditioning training. The rig can be used for barbell exercises such as backsquats, front squats and bench and shoulder press. Depending on the selected variant, the following bodyweight execises are also possible:

Equipment for the outdoor rig

All HOLD STRONG rigs are designed for barbell training. The rig width allows use with any commercially available Olympic barbell. If you have just started equipping your home gym, you will find sets from our professional Olympia Bar and weight discs in various designs. To exploit all the possibilities of our outdoor rig, we recommend buying gymnastic rings and straps, a climbing rope and wall balls. Depending on the soil conditions, suitable soil protection should also be considered. Other great additions iclude

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