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Our Fitness-Mad® Stability Cushion is an ideal tool for improving balance and posture. You can kneel on it, or sit on it whilst exercising, increasing challenge to build core strength and tone abdominal muscles. It is also great for using whilst sitting and working at a desk. As this cushion is essentially 'unstable', by simply sitting on it, it keeps your core muscles working and your postural reflexes stimulated, even whilst seated! 

To use the cushion on a chair, we recommend 15-30 minutes use at a time, repeating at regular intervals during the day so your muscles do not get overstrained. For greater challenge, you can let some of the air out of the cushion to further decrease the stability of the cushion, or increase the air with the pump included. The nodules help to grip the surface the stability cushion is being used on. The anti-slip dots on the smoother side are more comfortable for using when seated. 

As well as a posture aid, it can be used for a variety of exercises for a full body workout. The unstable surface makes the exercises harder by engaging the core muscles. You can sit, kneel, stand, plank and perform push-ups with it. 

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Dimensions: 35cm (14") diameter

Maximum user weight: 100kg

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