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Force USA's latest Monster G Series: The G3, all-in-one Smith machine, functional trainer, power rack and multi gym

The G3 includes: 

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Five machines in one

The Force USA G3 all-in-one trainer combines a power rack, Smith machine, and a cable pulley system into one fantastically compact strength-training machine. If you’re ready to set up your own fitness space at home, the G3 guarantees equipment accessibility and functionality. Perform all the same effective exercises you do in a commercial gym to pursue your fitness goals with flexibility and variety at home.

The G3 All-In-One Trainer offers unparalleled versatility in a compact space. The G3 enables you to remove clutter and perform exercises in one contained, organized, and safe area. Bench presses, squats, free weight exercises and core training can all be combined into one convenient strength training system.


Smith machine

The G3's 325kg (717lbs) capacity Smith machine is designed around the natural movement of the body to provide a strong, and safe workout. Re-rack the Smith machine bar into any of the height positions after you have finished lifting. The lock and release mechanism helps create a comfortable and safe training environment. The light commercial quad bearing roller system ensures ultra-smooth movement along the guide rods, with longevity guaranteed. The Monster G3 is ideal for personal training environments, as well as serious home gyms. The optional leg press attachment adds scope for a different and exciting set of leg exercises, such as leg press and calf press.

The Smith machine works only with Olympic weights, and the Olympic size sleeves cannot be removed to make way for standard plates.

Power rack

The steel Power rack component includes commercial grade J-hooks and front safeties. These feature polymer coating to protect your barbell knurling, and can be adjusted to any height position using Westside hole spacing. 50 different numbered adjustment points accommodate any size user for bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, squats, and front squats. The front safety arms hold your barbell for heavy partial deadlifts, shrugs or upright rows.

Functional trainer

The G3’s Functional trainer offers over 75 different exercises. With adjustable height positions, you can perform shoulder, arms, chest, back, core and leg exercises. These 22 different height positions offer cable exercises from all angles for shoulders, arms, chest, back, core and leg exercises. With fluid cable movement and the cable attachments included, this light commercial, multi-functional trainer is packed with variety.

Chin-up station

The ergonomically designed multi-grip chin up and pull up station has an impressive weight rating of 350kg (771lbs). It accommodates the classic grip, hammer, wide grip, narrow and pronated grip.

Core trainer

The G3 includes an attached landmine station that is suited to all types of rotational torso training. It offers a wide range of upper body training when using an optional barbell (sold separately).


Training Options:



How does the G3 compare to the G9?

The Force USA G9 includes attachments like the leg press, dip station, low row, and suspension trainer. The pulley ratio is a 1:1 ratio, which means that if you have 100lbs loaded, the resistance is 100lbs. The G3 is 2:1, so if you have 100 lbs loaded, the resistance is 50lbs.

Which weights fit this unit?

The barbell accepts only Olympic plates, and the pulley system accommodates either standard or Olympic plates.

Do the MyRack Attachments work with the G3?

Only the landmine and band pegs are compatible. However, the G3 already comes with them, so they do not need to be purchased separately. 

Are the cable crossovers far enough apart to really work the chest effectively during flyes?

The pulley uprights are 122cm (48 inches) apart. The pulleys freely rotate on the uprights, so if you stand outside of the cage you can effectively start your flyes at a wider angle. 

Does the G3 give me the option of doing squats with spotter arms and with the Smith machine?

Yes, you can squat with your own barbell using the J-hooks and spotter arms outside of the rack, or you can use the safety option that is built into the Smith machine. 

What is the minimum ceiling height I need?

The minimum ceiling height to be able to do a full pull-up with your head above the bar is 254cm (8' 4").


Optional attachments:

The G3 also has exclusive optional attachments (sold separately) that extend its versatility even further:



Product features

In the box:

*Olympic plates, Olympic bars, vertical leg press, stabilser pad and adjustable bench sold separately*


Cable ratio: 2:1 - 100kg load = 50kg resistance

Unit weight rating: 450kg (992lbs)

Maximum weight on Smith machine: 350kg (772lbs)

Maximum weight on power rack: 400kg (882lbs)

Maximum weight on cables: 907kg (2000lbs)

Product dimensions (assembled): W: 200 x D: 140 x H: 221 cm (79 x 55 x 87 inches)

Minimum ceiling height: 254cm to allow for a chin up (100 inches)

Installation: optional extra

Warranty: lifetime frame, 2 years moving parts, 90 days upholstery


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