Gym Gear Wall Balls 4kg - 15kg


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Gym Gear Wall Balls, with a plush exterior, offer a comfortable grip and exceptional durability. Perfect for wall throws, squats, and core exercises, they come in various weights for customized intensity. Meticulously designed for shape retention, these balls ensure consistent performance. Suitable for commercial and home use, they enhance strength, power, and coordination in exercises like strength training and conditioning.

The Gym Gear Wall Balls come in various weights from 4kg to 15kg, allowing you to select the intensity that aligns with your fitness objectives. Each ball has a 35cm diameter and undergoes meticulous design to maintain its shape, ensuring consistent performance and dependable results. Suitable for both commercial and home use, these wall balls cater to a diverse range of exercises, including strength training, conditioning, and rehabilitation. Integrate them into your routine to elevate your overall strength, power, and coordination.

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