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HOLD STRONG Fitness GmbH is a project that originated in 2015 in Dortmund, Germany, with the ethos "To deliver the most functional and versatile equipment that doesn't yet exist, one must simply create it." The company first started with the production of high end pull up bars, and has recently taken the next step into the functional fitness market. functional rigs have evolved in every size, shape and colour imaginable to HOLD STRONG's unsurpassable level of precision manufacturing and quality. 

HOLD STRONG is forward-looking with a holistic approach to training that has given rise to one of the most exciting and inventive ranges of equipment in the industry. Perfect for both home and commercial fitness studios, HOLD STRONG’s racks, weights, plates, intelligent solutions and fun, innovative, ever-expanding range of functional accessories offer the complete fitness package, with durability and affordability guaranteed.  

Our cable pulls stations for the ELITE Rig series provide even more variety in strength training. Because the training with the barbell and the cable pull complements each other so well, we offer an uncomplicated solution for quick attachment – now also with a practical cover for the weight block.

Product features

Available cable pulls stations to complement our ELITE rigs, we offer five different variations for cable pull training:

At the cable pulling station, various exercises can be carried out in one and both ways. Small muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, abdomen or individual shoulder heads can be trained particularly well on the cable. However, compound exercises such as squats or deadlifts are also possible.

Thus, a functional full-body workout can be put together at just one station. The training weight can be adjusted in seconds thanks to the plug-in system. The cable pull offers a good compromise between guided movements on the machine and exercises with free weights, which often overwhelm beginners in their complexity. On the cable pull, everyone succeeds in getting started with weight training as simple as it is effective.

Advantages of dual cable pulling

Training at the lat train station

The rowing train station

Advantages of the dual rowing train station

With which handles can the HOLD STRONG cable pulling stations be used?

With which devices are the stations compatible?

Can the cables also be used without a rig?

How much weight is included in the stations?

The following weight blocks are offered as standard:

Optionally, an expansion up to 125 kg is possible. The weight gradations can also be individualized – please contact our competent support team.

Benefits of the protective cover

The protective cover of the weight blocks is visually appealing. The cladding increases safety during use and protects against dust and dirt.

HOLD STRONG Fitness cable pull stations at a glance:

Four variants for cable pull training to choose from:


Manufacturer - HOLD STRONG Fitness GmbH

Height - 2375 mm

Made in Germany 

Warranty- lifetime frame, 2 years parts

We offer you the possibility to adapt the colours of the uprights and details of the elements to the colours of your corporate identity at no extra charge and to integrate your logo to strengthen the identity of your brand.

Cable Variation - Cablepull station height adjustable, Dual cable pull station height adjustable, Rowing pull station, rowing dual pull station height adjustable, Lat pull station (Lat pulldown)

Weight plates - Dual cable pull: 13x 5 kg + 6x 2.5 kg + Top Plate = 85 kg Cable pulling station: 15x 5 kg + 4x 2.5 kg + Top Plate = 90 kg Lat pulling station: 19x 5 kg + Top Plate = 100 kg Rowing towing station: 19x 5 kg + Top Plate = 100 kg Rowing towing station: 19x 5 kg + Top Plate = 100 kg Optionally expandable to 125 kg

*Weight plates can be adjusted according to requirements.

Other weight variants are also possible on customer request.




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