HOLD STRONG Elite Performance Rack Lat Pull Station / Dual Cable Pull Station and Storage System

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Our HOLD STRONG Fitness Performance Rack is a great all-rounder, offering amazing functionality in a small space. The combination of rack, lat pull and cable pull enables both strength training with the barbell and perfect muscle building for athletes with a focus on bodybuilding. The integrated storage system keeps the rack looking good, and equipment safe and organised. Our Performance Rack is the ideal for high-class gyms and performance centres looking to provide their athletes with a professional environment. 

HOLD STRONG Fitness Rack with cable pull

Our HOLD STRONG Fitness Performance Rack packs amazing functionality into a small space. The combination of rack, lat pull and cable pull enables both strength training with the barbell and the perfect muscle building training for athletes with a focus on bodybuilding. The integrated storage system ensures order and aesthetics.

Training stations of the Performance Rack

The HOLD STRONG Fitness Performance Rack is an all-round product. Included are:

Training with the Power Rack

The Power Rack is suitable for barbell training in bodybuilding, Olympic weighting, powerlifting, crossfitness, etc.

The uprights of the rack are perforated throughout. With the included J-cups, the height of the dumbbell rack can be changed in seconds. The rack is highly resilient and also perfect for advanced athletes. Possible exercises: squats, bench press, military press or rack pulls.

Lat pull training for a strong back

The classic lat pull can be carried out on the lat pull. This vertical pull exercise is a beginner-friendly alternative to pull-ups, as it addresses the same muscle groups, but can be managed well by adjusting the training weight, even if a free pull-up is not yet possible.

The lat pull mainly trains the broad back muscle as well as the biceps and the lower part of the trapezius muscle.

The exercise can be varied by different cable pull handles and can be performed to the chest, neck, with a wide or narrow grip and also one-armed.

Cable pull training with the Performance Rack

The dual cable pull contains two independently movable rollers. Cable pull handles of any kind can be attached to the integrated snap hooks, so that ideal conditions can be created for every exercise.

The cable pull station is height-adjustable. This allows you to pull and push from different angles. With a total training weight of 85 kilograms, both beginners and advanced riders can train the entire body. Thanks to the plug-in system, the weight can be adjusted with just one movement.

Cable pull training is suitable for large muscle groups as well as for isolation exercises such as triceps pushdown, curls or crunches. Training with the dual cable attachment system is easy to learn, easy on the joints and offers a fantastic muscle feeling.

For which equipment is the storage system suitable?

The Performance Rack contains a sophisticated storage system for a wide variety of equipment. Integrated plateholders hold all weight plates for the standard 50 mm mounting, e.g. bumper plates, competition plates or training plates. The rack also contains a bracket for upright storage of a barbell. The shelving system can accommodate smaller equipment such as medballs, dumbbells, kettlebells, corebags or fascia rollers. Do you have any other ideas? Configuration is possible at any time.

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