HOLD STRONG Elite Performance Rack With Lat Pull Station / Cable Pull Station / Lever Arms and Storage Systems

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The HOLD STRONG Fitness Performance Rack with power rack, cable pull station, wall bars, lat pulldown and lever arms is undoubtedly one of the highlights of our Elite Series. It is ideal for gyms and performance centres looking to offer their athletes a great training experience. Combined with an intelligent filing system, the system guarantees versatility in training in a perfectly organised environment. 

The HOLD STRONG Fitness Performance Rack with Power Rack, cable pull station, wall bars, lat pull and lever arms is undoubtedly one of the highlights of our ELITE series. Combined with an intelligent storage system, the system guarantees versatility in training in an environment that is always perfectly sorted. For gyms and performance centers that want to offer their athletes a great training experience.

All-in-One: Included training stations

The HOLD STRONG Fitness Performance Rack is one of our most versatile products. It is suitable for athletes from the sports of weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, gymnastics, martial arts, athletics, etc. Included are:

Training with the crossover cable pull

The crossover cable pull on both sides allows a versatile workout of the entire body. Popular crossover exercises are Butterfly or the Chest Press, which address the chest muscles particularly well. However, there are many more exercises for shoulders, back, arms, legs and core on the Internet.

Of course, each side of the cable pull can also be used individually. The cable pulleys are height-adjustable so that the perfect angle can be set for each exercise. Popular cable pull exercises include triceps pushdowns, donkey kicks, weighted crunches, and unilateral lateral raises behind the back. Tip: The crossover cable pull can be combined with all commercially available handles - for even more variety and an even more effective workout.

Uses of the wall bars

The wall bars are often used in rehabilitation after injuries, but also offer various training options for every level of performance. Examples: Hanging leg raises, elevated push-ups or advanced calisthenic movements such as the Human Flag.

The wall bars can also be easily integrated into a warm-up routine and used for various stretching exercises. And by combining it with pull-up bands or sling trainers, there is even more variety in it.

Strength training with the Power Rack

The Power Rack is the heart of strength training. Our HOLD STRONG Fitness Power Rack is suitable for all barbell exercises such as squats, bench press or shoulder press. At the same time, it can easily withstand even heavy training weights - for a training experience without compromise even at the highest level.

The included J-cups allow flexible adjustment of the dumbbell rack in just a few simple steps, depending on body size and exercise.

Also good to know: A pull-up bar is integrated into the rack, on which a complete upper body workout can be carried out with your own body weight (e.g. pull-ups, muscle ups, toes to bar, etc.).

Benefits of Lever Arm Training

Our HOLD STRONG Fitness Performance Rack comes with lever arms attached to the Power Rack.
Lever Arms can be used to perform pressing exercises such as chest press or shoulder press as well as pulling exercises such as rowing. Training with lever arms is particularly popular among bodybuilders and athletes from sports where explosive power of the upper body is required - e.g. boxing, Thai boxing, MMA, American football, throwing disciplines, etc. –popular. It offers numerous advantages to the athlete:

By the way: The Lever Arms can be loaded with any standard weight plate with a 50mm mount. In this way, the training can be adapted to any performance level.

Lat Pull Training

Latging is a popular exercise for the broad back muscle (latissimus), especially among bodybuilders. If you don't have the strength for a pull-up yet, you'll find a great alternative with a very similar movement pattern.

Latzug can be performed in the neck, chest, one-armed, and with a tight or wide grip. The HOLD STRONG Fitness lat pull can be combined with all common cable pull handles.

The high-quality seat offers an adjustable leg rest where every athlete can find the perfect setting for them.

For which equipment is the storage system suitable?

The multi-part storage system offers various holders for speed ropes, pull-up bands, weight plates (e.g. bumper plates, competetion plates, fractional plates), kettlebells, hex dumbbells, medballs, training bags, core bags, etc. The shelving system can be configured on request.

What spatial conditions must be given?

With the Performance Rack, we have accommodated versatility in a manageable space – the rack is one of its standard shapes, 6.3 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep. The height is 2.39 meters and can also be adapted to lower ceilings if desired.

The product has a dead weight of 700 kilos, so that a corresponding load-bearing capacity of the floor is required. Thanks to the free-standing construction, there is no need for a load-bearing wall.


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