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Redesigned following two decades of success, The Jacobs Ladder X is an intense Ladder Climbing Exercise Machine designed specifically for training fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professionals. The Jacobs Ladder X is self-powered and the redesigned display gives a dashboard look at workout intensity levels based on speed. Jacobs Ladder is designed so the higher you climb, the faster the rungs go. The Jacobs Ladder X is an excellent piece of functional training equipment. It's ideal for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which allows you to increase your oxygen consumption as much as traditional endurance training while exercising for half the time.

Jacobs Ladder X takes everything great about the original Jacobs Ladder cardio machine and introduces several key upgrades. This includes an improved digital dashboard that provides more insight on your workout, from climb rate and total feet climbed to calories burned and workout intensity level. The JLX also now enables athletes to train in four different climbing positions, making it easier to customise your training for specific muscle groups or intensity levels.

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