Laddermill® Ascender

The revolutionary ladder climbing fitness system.


The Laddermill® Ascender is the premier ladder climbing fitness system. It offers the natural upright movement of climbing, with the simplicity of ladder rungs, for an amazing array of workouts. From long cardio burns to intense upper body muscle endurance work, the Laddermill® is effectively a one-stop shop for full body exercise.

Match intensity to ability with the adjustable angle, adjustable speed, and built in auto-stop. Used in fitness gyms, fire and rescue training, schools and rehabilitation programmes, the simplicity of a ladder has been married with the advanced features you find on Brewer Fitness Treadwalls. Ladder climbing is a truly intuitive and challenging way of training that brings vertical movement to all. The Ascender can be ordered in a single Pro package, or with an exterior upgrade for outside use.

Motorless and self-paced

A simple philosophy backs every Brewer Fitness product: training should be done by body weight alone at the climber’s pace. When the climber moves, the ladder rotates. When the climber stops, the ladder stops.

Intuitive movement

Everyone can climb a ladder without instruction. Laddermills make the challenge and fun of vertical movement available to everyone, using intuitive movement and controls. No training is needed.

Simple lever controls

One lever allows users to change the Laddermill angle 30 degrees before or whilst climbing. A second lever intuitively controls speed from stationary to fast.

Flexible workouts

Climb at different angles to work the upper or lower body. Use as a traditional stepper, with the built-in hand rails, or standing on the ground makes it a powerful upper-body and stretching machine.

Rugged industrial design

The Laddermill has a rugged industrial design proven over years of hard commercial use. There is minimal maintenance and no scheduled wear parts to worry about.

Full warranty and support

All Laddermills are backed by a six year parts and one year labour and electronics limited warranty, and the support of Brewer Fitness' 28 years of pioneering work in climbing and fitness.


Product features


Frame Colour: silver

Construction: steel framework with stainless steel rungs

Angle range: positive 5 degrees to negative 20 degrees (overhanging)

Product weight: 268kg (590lbs)

Warranty: 6 years on structural parts, 1 year electronics and labour

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