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The Peloton Bike+ brings immersive fitness to a whole new level, with a vast library of live and on-demand studio classes that take you from bike to mat and beyond, for a total-body routine like no other. Set resistance to Auto and match instructor cues, pair your heart rate monitor or AppleWatch™ to track your progress in real time, and rotate the screen to move seamlessly between cycling, strength, yoga and more. Start in the saddle and go somewhere new every time, powered by iconic music that keeps you motivated every pedal, rep, and stretch of the way. 
  • Touchscreen with 360º of movement to seamlessly shift from cycling to the floor for strength, yoga, and more
  •  23.8’’ HD, anti-reflective touchscreen
  •  4-channel audio with tweeters and full-range drivers that deliver studio-quality sound
  •  Resistance knob for manual control or Auto-resistance option, which automatically changes your resistance to match instructors’ cues
  •  Apple GymKit™ integration tracks cycling workouts and syncs your metrics
  •  Access to thousands of Peloton classes with your All-Access Membership*

Product features

Studio-quality, near-silent

With front-facing speakers and rear-facing woofers, be immersed in sound. Smooth pedal strokes with a near-silent belt.

Immersive rotating touchscreen, auto-resistance knob

Immersive 23.8’’ HD, anti reflective touchscreen. Effortlessly move from cycling to strength, yoga and more with a screen that has 360° of movement. Go hands-free and have your resistance automatically adjusted to match instructor callouts.

Dream big in small spaces

Peloton Bike+ has a compact, 120cm x 60cm footprint, plus an adjustable handlebar, and screen that tilts to accommodate different heights. It fits comfortably in your home whether you’re low on square footage or working around furniture.

Metrics to keep you motivated

Track your speed, resistance, heart rate, and output with on-screen metrics. View your workout stats after every class to see your progress—whether you’re keeping a streak or hitting a personal record.

Motivating instructors and iconic music

Whether you’re fuelled by feel-good energy or a can-do attitude, our 50+ instructors will help you crush every goal. Discover music to suit every mood and move, including over 180 iconic Artist Series.

One membership for everyone in your home

Create individual profiles so everyone in your household can access our library of thousands of classes under one membership. Internet connection and one Peloton All-Access Membership per household required to access Peloton content. Age, height and weight restrictions apply.


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