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The sportsflooring puzzle tiles are manufactured from predominantly recycled black rubber crumb from truck tires, the coloured options have a percentage of new EPDM added to the mix. As a result of exclusively using truck tires this flooring has a very fine and smooth surface. 

Our highly compact and maximally robust rubber floor covering is immune to moisture and water, rot proof, elastic, insulates against impact sound and is suitable for a wider range of applications: Exhibitions, trade fairs and booths, fitness centres, crosstraining boxes, leisure rooms, sports centres, cloakrooms, ice rinks, mountain stations and many more facilities.

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Product features



The surface must be smooth, level (levelled) and clean/dry.


We recommend leaving the puzzles at room temperature for a few hours (ideally 24) before final laying and cutting to allow the surface to acclimatise. Underfloor heating must be turned off 24 hours before installation and must only be turned back on after the adhesive has cured.


For complete surface adhesion and minimal visibility of the seams, we recommend gluing the rubber to the substrate. In this case, the glue manufacturer‘s specific adhesive recommendations should be followed. If you have any doubts about the substrate or areas of application, please contact the relevant adhesive glue manufacturer directly.




We recommend gluing the puzzle tiles to the subfloor for the best possible result. Often, however, the puzzle tiles are laid loose, this is possible for a temporary floor such as a showroom or a trade fair. This will not give the best results for longer or more intensive use. Pay attention to the linear expansion of the rubber tiles when laying, especially with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. When uncertain, please consult us prior to install.


The material can be cut using a sharp knife or a carpet knife.




To prevent excessive dirt on the floor, we recommend installing dirt traps at entrances. Keep the floor free of oil, petrol and acids. The floor is best cleaned with a damp cloth or mop. In addition, regular sweeping or vacuuming is sufficient. Slightly adhering dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. Heavier dirt can be cleaned with a mild detergent or mild soap dissolved in water. Always clean with clean water afterwards.

Stains must be removed as soon as possible because certain substances can react with the surface. After this, these stains are very difficult to remove, or can no longer be removed at all. We always advise to contact a professional party for cleaning the floors. No claims can be accepted when unauthorized cleaning products are used.


Although highly compressed, it can still absorb slightly porous surface liquids. So, depending on the application, for hygienic reasons and to simplify cleaning, a 2-K PU waterproof sealant or hardwax can be applied to the installed floor covering using a suitable coating roll.




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