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The Spirit CE1000ENT Elliptical Cross Trainer offers a low impact workout that can be adjusted to match any level of intensity. This machine is part of the 1000ENT four-machine series, and its smooth arms and pedals make it easy to configure the TFT console to fit any workout program. The TFT console is also equipped with a touchscreen, giving users total control over their workout settings.

Selecting the Spirit CE1000ENT Elliptical Trainer for cardiovascular activities is a great option for both rehabilitation and invigorating exercises. It features 21" stride length, plus a 2 degree inward tilt for the pedals, ensuring added comfort during use. The electronic display with TFT touchscreen puts metrics, streaming entertainment, pre-programmed apps and HDMi connection at your fingertips.


Quite simple a heavy duty cross trainer that is robust, incredibly stable but very smooth to use. Ideally suited to commercial or larger home gyms they have ensured the inner workings are robust too. With a 12 groove Poly-V belt (a single endless belt with longitudinal V-shaped ribs which mate consistently with V-grooves in the respective sheaves) to ensure longevity and very little slack, you also get roller bearing tensioner system. All of this helps to ensure long life.

Finally, the tablet/console - responsive (even with sweaty hands) and easy to use, you get 3 different workout display modes that can give you different feedback and metrics. You also benefit from screen mirroring (your phone or tablet), TV, Streaming news/social media. A superb package - with a great warranty to match.

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