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The Abs Company makes high quality, innovative, commercial-strength abdominal and functional training equipment for the development of core strength. Founded in 2006 by New Jersey fitness professionals, it is committed to making exciting, unique pieces for all levels of fitness, and to optimising space with products that are intuitive and motivational. The Abs Company has a complete range to keep members engaged and succeeding, as they progress from beginner to advanced. It showcases the TireFlip 180®, AbSolo®, X3S™ Bench, BattleRope ST®, and the AbCoaster® CS3000 in over 10,000 commercial fitness centres, and millions of homes in over 40 countries worldwide.

Experience the ultimate glute-growing innovation with the Cali Lift®! Your at-home glute bridge solution that gives you 2X the workout in half the time!

Product features

Grow and Tone Your Glutes

Maximize your workout efficiency with the Cali Lift®'s targeted approach, allowing you to achieve real results in

Simple and Efficient Exercise

The Cali Lift's design and guided path of motion helps you maintain proper form throughout your workout.

All-in-One Glute Solution

Whether you're aiming for toned backside or a bigger butt, the Cali Lift® provides a user-friendly platform to achieve your fitness goals!


Progressive Workout System

25lb and 50lb resistance bands eliminate the need for weight plates and allow users of all abilities to train their glutes.

Train in the Comfort of Your Home

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, the Cali Lift® offers a versatile and user-friendly fitness solution to use in your home.

Ergonomic Hip Belt

Comfortable belt eliminates stress on the hips and allows for a seamless movement.

Designed for Ease & Portability

This compact, light-weight design allows for portability and easy storing. Perfect for storing under a bed or in a closet.

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