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The Abs Company makes high quality, innovative, commercial-strength abdominal and functional training equipment for the development of core strength. Founded in 2006 by New Jersey fitness professionals, it is committed to making exciting, unique pieces for all levels of fitness, and to optimising space with products that are intuitive and motivational. The Abs Company has a complete range to keep members engaged and succeeding, as they progress from beginner to advanced. It showcases the TireFlip 180®, AbSolo®, X3S™ Bench, BattleRope ST®, and the AbCoaster® CS300 in over 10,000 commercial fitness centres, and millions of homes in over 40 countries worldwide.

Glute training is one of the hottest trends in fitness today, and plays a huge part in developing strength, speed and agility. The largest and strongest muscles in your body, comprising the gluteus minimus, medius and maximus, work together to stabilise the pelvis and correct movement in the hips. Improving the strength of your glutes can increase flexibility and mobility, and makes lifting weights, running and climbing easier. With stronger glutes, you can run faster, jump higher, feel better and prevent troublesome strains and pains.

The Abs Company Glute Coaster™ will help you work this amazing team of muscles in a safe and effective way. Its curved rails provide the perfect motion to isolate the glutes and sculpt a rounded, toned posterior. Many machines on the market allow for only one movement, but the Glute Coaster™ merges two motions in one. With a combined down and back motion, the intuitive Glute Coaster™ isolates the glutes and provides a total lower body exercise. Its sleek, slim design takes up little space on your gym floor. Pin selection resistance up to 170lbs (77kg) provides a challenging workout for all fitness levels.

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Product features

Benefits Of The Glute Coaster 


The plate loaded Glute Coaster™ allows for progressive exercise and increased intensity up to 170lb (77kg).


The innovative Design of the Booty Coaster™ allows for training variety and a one of a kind fitness experience.


No adjustments, simple movements and intuitive design make the Booty Coaster™ user friendly and non-intimidating.


Top of the line materials and quality construction make the Booty Coaster™ a durable and low maintenance piece equipment


Dimensions (L x W x H): 176 x 84 x 171cm (69 x 33 x 67 inches)

Warranty: 5 years frame, 1 year parts, 6 months wearable items

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