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Similar to the Anker 3, the Anker 7 is wall-mounted with a 1:2 weight ratio and 150, 200 or 225lb weight stack options. While the Anker 3 has four stationary attachment points, the Anker 7 includes dual adjustable swivel pulleys that have a 43.5in (3.6 ft) width between pulleys and a 103in (8.5 ft) cable travel for each handle. The Anker 7 also boasts a wider stance, with only 9 inches of clearance from a wall, and stainless-steel uprights with laser engraved numbering.

It still comes with two short strap handles, two long strap handles, one leg boot, a battle rope anchor strap and hanging storage hooks to organize accessories. Use the bottom frame battle rope anchor point with nylon strap and top frame resistance band anchor point for more training options. Add on the optional pull-up (ANKER-PUA-102), phone holder, and adder pins if you are looking to purchase extra attachments. This product is only compatible with the XG-FIB bench and has bumpers included for docking. Get unbeatable, space-saving cable training and even more versatility with the Anker 7!

Product features

The Anker 7 is the ultimate fitness companion, offering a comprehensive range of accessories for a versatile and effective training experience. This set includes two short strap handles and two long strap handles, perfect for accommodating various exercises and grip preferences. Additionally, it features a leg boot, a battle rope anchor strap, and hanging storage hooks to keep your workout space organized.
The Anker 7 has a 1:2 weight ratio and offers a choice of 150, 200, or 225lb weight stack options. Whether you're a beginner looking to build strength gradually or an experienced athlete aiming to push your limits, the Anker 7's weight ratio and choice of stacks ensures a versatile and effective tool for anyone on their fitness journey.
While the Anker 3 offers practicality with four stationary attachment points, the Anker 7 takes functional versatility to the next level. Its adjustable swivel pulleys provide an impressive 43.5-inch width between pulleys, coupled with an extensive 103-inch cable travel for each handle. This extended range of motion opens up a world of exercise possibilities, allowing for a broader spectrum of movements and targeting of specific muscle groups with precision.
The Anker 7 redefines space-efficiency by incorporating a wider stance for specific movements while maintaining a remarkably slim 9 inches of clearance from the wall. This ensures that you can enjoy a spacious workout area even in confined spaces. Its stainless-steel uprights, complete with laser-engraved numbering, exude durability and precision, making it easy to set your preferred heights and resistance levels.
The Anker 7 brings a space-saving solution to your fitness routine as it is designed for wall mounting, thus, optimizing your workout area. Included in the package is the necessary hardware for secure mounting to wood studs, ensuring a stable and safe installation. This feature not only saves valuable floor space but also offers peace of mind, knowing that your Anker 7 is securely fastened, providing you with a durable and reliable fitness platform in your home or garage gym.
For those looking to enhance their Anker 7 experience, optional attachments are readily available. You can opt for the pull-up add-on (ANKER-PUA-102) to expand your workout repertoire or consider adding a convenient phone holder for easy access to your workout apps and entertainment. Additionally, adder pins are available for those who wish to add incremental weight. These optional accessories make it easy to tailor your Anker 7 setup to your specific fitness needs and preferences, ensuring a truly personalized and effective training regimen.


Included Accessories

  • Hanging storage pegs and leg boot
  • Two rubber over-molded T-Grip short strap handles
  • Two long strap handles
  • Welded lower anchor point with nylon strap for battle ropes

Attachment Options

  • Pull-Up (ANKER-PUA-102)
  • Magnetic Phone Holder (PH-MAG-101)
  • Weight Stack Adder Pin (BS-SSWP-2.5)


  • SKU: ANKER-7-001-150L
  • Depth X Width: 9.3 in X 48.1 in (23.5 cm x 122.2 cm)
  • Depth X Width (WITH ANKER-PUA): 19.9 in X 48.1 in (50.6 cm x 122.2 cm)
  • Height: 83.8 in (212.9 cm)
  • Frame Colour: Platinum
  • Residential Warranty: 10 year frame and welds/1 year parts/90 days misc.
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