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TRYON is a Spanish brand that specialises in the design and development of bars and ergonomic grips. TRYON is the brainchild of Salvador Bruno, whose creativity as an industrial enginner and passion for bodybuiding were his driving forces. It took many years to perfect the ergonomic handles and, thanks to sheer dedication and perseverence, TRYON combines comfort, durability and aesthetics to offer the ultimate grip.

TRYON Ergosense® technology ensures an ergonomically correct grip from the start and throughout training, regardless of hand shape or size. A correct grip makes every exercise more productive and reduces stress on fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders. TRYON fitness grips prevent overload and increase focus on the muscle groups you want to develop. Their elastyomeric compound prevents the unsightly corrosion of conventional grips, and a soft outer shell prevents damage from accidental bumps. TRYON grips are manufactured in Spain to the highest industry standards, with a guarantee of unparalleled comfort and control. The cable attachments are perfect for building grip strength and focusing on explosive techniques but allowing you to focus on specific muscle groups.

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Length (mm) - 210

Width (mm) - 130

Height (mm) - 110

Weight - 0.70kg

2 year warranty

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