Younix® Monster Crown

Seven different ways to pull




With its unique ergonomic design, the Younix® Monster Crown offers wide, narrow, neutral, pronated and supinated grips, all on one versatile pull-up bar.

What makes Younix® Monster Crown your best choice?

The Monster Crown's multi-grip bar allows you to train using different grip styles, without changing or mounting a handle. Four different size spheres dramatically increase your grip strength. 

Modular features

The Monster Crown has the same hole spacing to mount on a square beam, and any other Younix® rig or rack. Its 4 x 24mm giant bolts anchor the multi-grip bar onto the beam.

Ideal for large facilities and micro gyms

It is for fabulous for extensive training facilities, like college or university gyms, and equally suitable for a home rack or personal training studio. 


The Monster Crown adds many variations to classic pull-ups. You can improve your training by using multiple grips, wide or narrow, as well as pronated, supinated and neutral style for training lats, biceps and grip.

For athletes and beginners

A neutral and narrow grip can help beginners achieve their first pull up, and professional athletes to add more weight with maximum safety. Choose the grip that puts less stress on the wrist, or the one which allows you to better express your potential.

Grip training

Few pull-up bars on the market take grip strength training into consideration. The multi-grip bar's two different size spheres will dramatically increase grip strength.


Product features


  • Handle Diameter: 33mm

    Overall length and depth: 131 x 44cm

    Distance between small spheres: 43cm

    Distance between large spheres: 86cm

    Warranty: Lifetime against evidence of changes in position, loosening, bending or cracking of components. Normal wear and tear, which does not affect performance, may occur with repeated use and is not covered by the warranty.

    UK Active Member, Regulated by FCA (License no 779203), Kennet Equipment Leasing, 0% Finance with Divido UK Active Member, Regulated by FCA (License no 779203), Kennet Equipment Leasing, 0% Finance with Divido