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Moreton Hall School, Oswestry

Moreton Hall School, Oswestry

CYC Fitness complete gym refurbishment at Moreton Hall School in Oswestry, Shropshire.


The objective was to provide a wide variety of training options for students and staff, including cardiovascular equipment, HIIT cardio, weight lifting and much more. In addition, we offered a service and warranty package to help keep their equipment working to the best it can.

We coordinated closely with school contacts to schedule the installation within the requested time frame. We took extra measures to secure staff and pupils safety since the installation took place throughout school hours. Our engineers had to work quickly and safely to carry out the installation in a way that caused the least disruption to students' day.

As this was a school installation, it was important to ensure the gym equipment was laid out, with plenty of space between each piece of equipment so teachers could easily monitor classes. We also ensured there was a large space in the middle of the room to make it easier to supervise students during sessions.

The Equipment

There was a wide range of equipment installed to ensure there was enough variety to be introduced into any session being carried out. It’s always tempting to fill a gym with as much as possible, however due to their requirements the staff at Moreton Hall had to carefully select what and where everything was placed.

To incorporate the desired variety of equipment and utilise the space efficiently, we installed a selection of pieces across cardio, strength and free weights into the fitness suite. The CV pieces installed were chosen from our Gym Gear commercial product range. The equipment chosen was a perfect option for a site such as a school, based on the amount of usage the gym would have and who would be using it.

A dedicated strength and conditioning area was also introduced to the site. Offering students a chance to supplement the more traditional cardio training with strength training. This included 2 Olympic lifting platforms, Inspire Fitness squat racks, Swiss barbells and bumpers plates, Impulse dual pulley cable machine, ROCKIT dumbbells and a comprehensive range of functional training accessories.

To ensure the flooring was well protected, the X-Connect flooring tiles were chosen to be installed. We also installed a vibrant blue sprint track in the centre of the room to complete the gym floor, this is the perfect solution for sled training and other functional training activities.

The Customer

We really enjoyed working with CYC Fitness, they helped steer us through the planning process for our new Fitness Suite. The actual installation was to a high quality & efficiently organised. The small number of queries that we had were resolved very easily. We will continue to work closely with CYC Fitness and would like to thank the team for the excellent service from start to finish.

- Dale Brown - Facilities and Accommodation Manager

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