Who we are

Craig Young
Managing Director

Craig has worked for and alongside some of the leading brands within the fitness industry, and is passionate about his role at the helm of CYC. He draws on his visits to hundreds of gyms throughout the country to share his extensive knowledge and skills with facility managers.

Craig loves to meet his clients face-to-face and enjoys attending international trade shows in Europe and the US. He is always on the look out for new business partners and, of course, the most attractive and innovative products and solutions in the gym world.

"I have a completely hands-on approach, which our clients really appreciate. They like to be able to discuss their ideas and know that a person, rather than just a programme, is managing their project. It is immensely satisfying to guide our clients from those initial discussions to some amazing results. Each of our case studies tells a story we are truly proud to be part of."

Sharon Young BA Hons PGCE
Marketing Manager

Sharon spent 20 years in education teaching modern foreign languages and has taught English as a foreign language in France. She joined CYC in April 2016 and is thrilled to be promoting the business.

"I have always been fascinated by the developments in the health and fitness sector and jumped at the opportunity to take on the role of marketing manager at CYC. The facilities and projects we are working on are ever expanding and proving to be so exciting. Through our website and social media we can be creative in keeping our present and prospective clients informed of all the latest technology and developments in the fitness industry."

Rebecca Young BSc (Hons)
Accounts Manager

Rebecca has 18 years experience as a primary teacher and takes charge of accounts at CYC.

"The range of fitness products and technology available worldwide is astounding and constantly changing. In addition to managing the accounts at CYC, I research all the latest equipment available for Craig to incorporate in his projects."