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The unique combination of crunch movements and interaction of tossing a medicine ball keeps users excited about strengthening their core. The AbSolo strengthens and conditions the abdominal, oblique and lower back muscles, tones the entire upper body including shoulders and chest, and provides fat-burning cardiovascular benefits. Total abdominal muscular development is enhanced due to a full range of motion, from pre-stretched abdominal muscles to a fully flexed spine and contracted abdominal muscles.

Exercisers establish a controlled crunch movement by throwing the AbSolo medicine balls against a target, either ball catch or bounce board, then retrieve and repeat. AbSolo training can be as challenging as desired by using heavier AbSolo medicine balls, increasing pace, modifying upper body movements and increasing the number of repetitions.

AbSolo training addresses the mid-section, the area where most people want to enhance. Throwing and retrieving the AbSolo medicine balls stabilises the core and improves torso and back strength, improving everyday functional movement and helping to reduce injuries that arise from weak core muscles. Medicine ball training increases strength and hand-eye coordination by simulating sport-specific functions, like baseball, tennis and golf swings. The fun, interactive AbSolo training movement allows exercisers to set their own pace and increase motivation resulting in an adrenal rush of satisfaction and accomplishment towards their personal goals.


Product features


Dimensions: L: 213 x W: 104 x H: 178cm (84 x 41 x 70 inches)

Unit weight: 125kg (275lbs)

Warranty: 5 years frame, 1 year parts, 6 months wearable items

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