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aerobis builds products that facilitate training anywhere and anytime. They are tailored for the Anywhere Athlete; for gyms, professional personal trainers and athletes at home, outdoors and wherever they may be. aerobis creates versatile, innovative mobile training devices, with quality and durability integral to their purpose.

aerobis was born in Cologne in 2009 with the development of the aeroSling. Founder, Elmar Schumacher, originally designed the sling trainer for his own training. He went on to develop and market training products for functional training, for state-of-the-art training of strength, endurance, and coordination. With aerobis training equipment, optimal results can be achieved in minimal time. Workouts can be made more efficient with the focus on movement and muscle chains, instead of isolated muscles. Each individual aerobis piece has its own focal point, whilst working in complete harmony with another for a holistic approach to training.

aerobis blackPack® power sand bags offer a unique combination of the common sandbag and Bulgarian bags in one ingenious tool. Common sandbag models sometimes let you change the training weight and ideally offer different handles. Bulgarian bags have special handles that make them perfect for swing exercises, but they won’t let you change the training weight. The aerobis Fitness Sandbag is similar to the aerobis blackPack®. Both of these products allow you to fill the bag with sand or water and to choose your own weight freely, even during workouts.The different handles, on the back and on the side, allow for versatile training whereby you can vary the same exercise with different grips. The special baton handles are perfect for swing exercises and train your grip strength. 

Product features

Effective training due to instability

Sandbags are instable weights that are filled with a freely moving load. When it comes to strength, many athletes simply stack on heavier and heavier loads. Studies have shown, however, that the instability of a training weight and one’s own position is more important for muscle stimulation than the weight itself. An instable weight creates more neuromuscular impulses and promotes more muscular adaptation than increasing the weight. 

Better performance

Training with sandbags has a very good transfer to other sports and daily physical situations. Every repetition with the sandbag activates your muscles slightly differently. The high coordinative demands in sandbag training challenge your core muscles and teach you to generate enough power and body tension in every situation. This makes sandbags the embodiment of functional training

Huge exercise variety

Sandbag training offers classic training movements like deadlifts and swing exercises. Add barbell and kettlebell exercises, together with instability of the training weight, and you have sandbag training. The blackPack® baton handles allow for a multitude of single and double-handed exercises, and can be connected to our aeroSling Trainers. You can also simply hold the blackPack® by its outer shell. This trains your grip strength and gives you even more exercises.

blackPack® versatility

The blackPack® ESY is characterized by its versatility, regardless of the size. By default, the ESY is filled with sand. The AQUA set, however, comes with a water bag. Filled with water, the already instable training weight becomes even more challenging, activating your deeper-lying muscles when you have to compensate for every little movement of the water inside. With both versions of the blackPack®, you can freely choose the training weight and adjust it quickly even during your workouts due to the easy handling. The connector loops on the baton handles even let you connect the blackPack® to the aerobis aeroSling ELITE sling trainer to use it as a counterweight.

Unique water filling feature

The Loading-Bag AQUA turns your sandbag into an aquabag and training becomes even more intense. The water never stands still and you need a great amount of strength and coordination to stabilize the blackPack®. Core strength is challenged and the interplay of the involved muscle groups is greatly improved. You don’t need a pump for the Loading-Bag AQUA. Wherever you have access to water you can fill the blackPack® without any accessories.

High quality sophisticated design

The blackPack® ESY is filled through the top opening with the Loading-Bags,which are filled with the training weight. The opening is closed with velcro and a zipper. Thanks to the inner-lying seams the outer surface is very smooth, increasing the training comfort for exercises where the sandbag rests on your arms or shoulders. The REACH-certified handles are guaranteed skin-friendly, however, you can also grab the sandbag by its outer shell. blackPack® sandbags can be used indoors and outdoors. The durable materials withstand extreme weather conditions, and the reinforced seams guarantee longevity.


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