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The verso360 Wall offers maximum space efficiency, and can be perfectly integrated in already existing training areas. It is perfect for combined training with barbells, aerosling trainers, aerobis Revvll PRO Rope Trainer and aerobis revvll ONE Rope Trainer and all kinds of bodyweight exercises. 

The verso360 Wall pillars only extend into the room about 70 cm (2.3 ft), so they fit into the narrowest of spaces, with still enough free moving space underneath the Top-Elements. Depending on the desired functionality, even two pillars allow for a stable mounting of a rig with a length of 370cm (12 ft).

Variety is king. Alongside bodyweight exercises, the Wall provides ideal conditions for usage of barbells, calisthenics, bands, aerosling trainers, punching bags, and other functional training equipment. Depending on room height,  you can integrate higher Top-Elements with additional overhang rungs. The  can be mounted with the height-adjustable T-Adjust XL. Weight plates can be stored on the rear Plate Loader. Combine a Multibench with T-Adjusts and T-Adjust Cups, and you have a variable station for (inclined) benchpress and squats.

CYC can support you in visualising and configuring your bespoke wall structure. The variants displayed here are mere suggestions.  

Product features



1T - 140 x 85 x 233 cm 

2T - 255 x 85 x 233 cm 

3T - 370 x 85 x 233 cm

4T - 492 x 85 x 233 cm 

5T - 607 x 85 x 233 cm 

6T - 722 x 85 x 233 cm 

Warranty: 2 years 

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