Competition Kettlebells



The king when it comes to versatility in training.

Develop strength, power, endurance, coordination and mobility. Build bulletproof joints and functional muscles. All with one unique tool.

Design & Shape

The kettlebell is designed in a way where the center of gravity is displaced 15cm to 20cm beyond your grip. This best replicates the forces that you’ll encounter in sport and daily activities.


The 33 mm smooth handle is perfect for men and women. Black matt powder coat finish on the handle will add a great feel and it will hold the chalk well allowing your clients to perform high reps without damaging their hands.

Easy weight transition

Ranging from 8kg to 32kg in weight, every increment in the kettlebell retains the same base diameter, height, and handle width, allowing for easier transitions as you move up in weight.

Special feel

Smooth powder coat finish and four specially contoured flats—reducing friction and discomfort during training – will make sure your clients will fall in love with kettlebell training.

Product features

Gym in a tool

If you’d come to us and ask us: “If I could choose only one piece of equipment for my gym, what would you suggest?” Our answer would be: “Choose the kettlebell.”

Grow your business

Kettlebell training is here to stay. More and more people are seeing great results and are looking for this unique training experience. Kettlebell training takes up very little floor space. This makes this tool ideal for large groups and will boost your profitability per session.


Whether you are looking to offer strength, conditioning or mobility classes in small or large groups, the kettlebell is the tool that can make your life easier. Save time, money and optimize your client’s results.


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