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A combination of premium wood and metal, the NOHRD WeightPlate Tower is a solid wood and steel weight rack with individual WeightPlates, a Long Barbell, and two shorter Dumbbell Barbells. Beautifully designed and built to last, the WeightPlater Tower is a compact and versatile piece of strength training equipment. An update on conventional weight plates and bars, WeightPlate Tower bars have an integrated SlideLock™ System that holds the WeightPlates in place and removes the need for cumbersome clips or collars.

Product features


The WeightPlate Tower is built from a sturdy combination of solid wood and powder-coated steel, housing Barbells and WeightPlates. The Tower accommodates three bars within its design: one 1.2 m Long Barbell (5 kg) and two 40 cm Dumbbell Barbells (1.5 kg each). It also holds twenty WeightPlates - 4 x 0.5 kg, 4 x 1.25 kg, 4 x 2.5 kg, and 8 x 5 kg.


In our mission to blend form and function, our WeightPlates are made from stainless steel with natural wood inlay crafted from real wood veneer. The wood plates are stunning to look at and have a functional advantage: the wood veneer aids as a buffer to eliminate the clanking of metal when you mount or use the plates, enhancing the overall experience while training.


A statement piece for your fitness space. The WeightPlate Tower is available in our full range of sustainable hardwoods and neatly holds individual WeightPlates. The two shorter Dumbell Barbells are stored in the side holders, while the Long Barbell is secured vertically behind the Tower.


The Barbells are 25 cm in diameter to hold the WeightPlats securely. The 1.2 m Long Barbell can be used for popular weightlifting exercises, including back squats, bench presses, and cleans. The two shorter 40 cm Dumbell Barbells are used for dumbbell exercises such as bicep curls, overhead presses, and single-arm rows.


In collaboration with Gungnir of Norway, we proudly introduce their patented SlideLock™ System to our Barbells. This innovative technology is designed to secure weights in place through an intuitive slide function that simplifies weight adjustments, removing the need for clips or collars to secure weights. Allowing you to focus on your training goals in a hassle-free workout experience.


Lifting weights has numerous benefits for users of all fitness levels. It enhances muscle strength and endurance while contributing to overall metabolic health, fostering an efficient calorie burn and improved body composition. Moreover, weight lifting has been shown to improve bone density, providing long-term benefits for skeletal health and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


The WeightPlate Tower is handmade in Germany to ensure quality and durability. Built to last with a 3-year commercial use warranty, the WeightPlate Tower is equally suited for use in a home or professional fitness environment.


Increase the range of exercise possibilities by using the WeightPlater Tower with the NOHRD Squat Rack. A wall-mounted rack that folds away when not in use to maximise space and provide an elegant aesthetic to your gym.


A further companion piece to the WeightPlate Tower. The WeightBench is a flat-to-incline bench that further enhances the functionality of the WeightPlate Tower to incorporate numerous additional strength training exercises.


0% Interest free credit - Spread your payments over 6, 9, 12 & 24 months

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0% Interest free credit - Spread your payments over 6, 9, 12 & 24 months, minimum purchase price £280.

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How long does it take to apply for?

Our online application form typically takes less than 3 minutes to complete, you can also apply instore or speak to our sales team. Your application is then instantly sent to the finance company and they will typically respond with their decision in around 10 seconds. Some applications may take longer to process. If for any reason we can’t give you an instant decision you will be notified on screen as part of the application process and also by e-mail, with a follow up e-mail as soon as a decision is confirmed.

What are the requirements for finance?

  • Must be over the age of 18
  • You, or your partner is in permanent paid employment (over 16 hours per week), retired (receiving a pension), in receipt of a disability benefit or self-employed
  • Has been resident in the UK for at least 3 years and will continue their residency in the UK
  • Has a debit or credit card in their name and registered to their address (you’ll need this to match the address used to complete the identity verification)
  • You must have a UK bank account capable of accepting Direct Debits
  • Has a Bank or Building Society current account (you’ll need this to complete the direct debit instruction)

Can I cancel my credit agreement if I change my mind?

You have the right under section 66A of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to withdraw from the agreement without giving any reason before the end of 14 days (beginning with the day after the day on which the agreement is made or, if later, the date on which we will tell you that we have signed the agreement). If you wish to withdraw you must give the finance company notice in writing or by telephone or email. The name of your finance company will be clearly shown on your credit agreement (see contact details below). Please note that if you do give notice of withdrawal, you must repay the full amount of the credit without delay and in any event by no later than 30 days after giving notice of withdrawal. If you want to settle the loan after the 14 day cooling off period, you may do so but you will also have to pay interest accrued from the date the agreement was made until the date you repay it. If you wish to pay by debit card please telephone the finance company. If you wish to pay by cheque please send it by first class post to the finance company. Please allow 10 working days from the day you post the cheque to allow time to process the payment.

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Will the finance company perform a credit check?

Yes. A credit check forms part of the automated decision making process and is part of a responsible lending policy.

Do I need a bank account?

Yes. You must have a UK bank account capable of accepting Direct Debits.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a minimum 10% deposit is required, if you wish to you can pay up to a maximum deposit of 50%.

How do I repay the loan?

Your monthly repayments are collected by Direct Debit.

Can I pay my agreement off early?

You have the right to repay all or part of the credit early at any time - you should contact V12 Finance for details by phone, e-mail or letter at the following:

V12 Retail Finance Limited
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How much does the loan cost?

The total cost of the loan is shown clearly on the finance agreement.

Are there any other charges?

If you fail to pay any amount you owe under the Credit Agreement by the date it is due, the finance company may charge you interest on that amount, they may also levy additional fees - details of these can be found in your copy of the credit agreement which is available to you as part of the application process and also supplied to you as part of the welcome pack you will receive following acceptance of finance.

How long before I have to start to repay the loan?

The first payment is typically due 30 days following the date of delivery of your order.

What APR will I be charged?

The APR is shown clearly on the credit summary (in the top right hand corner of the screen) throughout the credit application process. It is also shown clearly on the credit agreement itself. The APR for Interest free credit is 0%.

Will I qualify for finance?

To apply for one of our credit options you must meet the following criteria:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • A UK resident with at least 3 years continual address history
  • Be in full time employment, unless retired, or unemployed with a spouse in full time employment
  • Have a UK bank account capable of accepting Direct Debits
  • The goods must be delivered to your home address (submitted on your application)
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