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Founded in 2015, ROCKIT® is one of the world's fastest growing free weights brands. Offering a unique range of weights, studio equipment and functional training accessories, the ROCKIT® range has been designed with both form and function in mind. Every detail in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ROCKIT® equipment embodies the company's pursuit of product excellence and outstanding service. The quality not only lies in the best materials and manufacturing standards, but also in the design, appearance and feel. ROCKIT® can transform a standard, functional space into an enticing fitness utopia with infinite potential. 

The ROCKIT® Revolving Tricep / Bicep Curl Bar cable Attachment is designed to fully isolate your biceps and triceps while taking the strain off your wrists and elbows. The shape of the bar is also perfect for many rowing variations due to the neutral bar positioning as well as angular grips which allow for a more comfortable row as well as increasing the users range of motion.

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Product features

Other examples of exercises one may do include: close-grip lat pull down, upright rows, seated rows, overhead extensions and straight arm pulldowns, close grip cable shoulder press.

The angular shaped bar not only serves to stimulate the desired muscle groups effectively, however to also protect the wrist joint and bicep tendon. This is done through the supinated grips as it puts far less strain on the wrist joint in the lengthened and shortened position, but also due to the design, where the greatest degree of tension is at in the movement is where the muscle is most compromised.

With the integration of this bar design, the tension in the lengthened position is far less than compared to a standard straight bar curl, making it a potentially less damaging movement. The bar features nylon balls screwed into the ends of the bar to help protect the bar and other gym equipment from being damaged when handled.


Brand - ROCKIT®

Total weight - 2.5kg

Warranty - 1 year ROCKIT® product guarantee

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