ROCKIT® Seated Row Double Grip Urethane Handle

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Founded in 2015, ROCKIT® is one of the world's fastest growing free weights brands. Offering a unique range of weights, studio equipment and functional training accessories, the ROCKIT® range has been designed with both form and function in mind. Every detail in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ROCKIT® equipment embodies the company's pursuit of product excellence and outstanding service. The quality not only lies in the best materials and manufacturing standards, but also in the design, appearance and feel. ROCKIT® can transform a standard, functional space into an enticing fitness utopia with infinite potential. 

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Product features

Seated row bars are typically made of metal cable attachments with a handle on each end for each hand. They enable exercises that can fill out and strengthen the traps, rhomboids, and lats when used correctly.

The Seated Row Double Grip while primarily used on seated row machines, can also be used on lat pulldown machines. They can vary in width, grip, and thickness, and sorting through the market's often subtle differences can be difficult. So hold on tight as we search for the best seated row bar for you.


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