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Founded in 2015, ROCKIT® is one of the world's fastest growing free weights brands. Offering a unique range of weights, studio equipment and functional training accessories, the ROCKIT® range has been designed with both form and function in mind. Every detail in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ROCKIT® equipment embodies the company's pursuit of product excellence and outstanding service. The quality not only lies in the best materials and manufacturing standards, but also in the design, appearance and feel. ROCKIT® can transform a standard, functional space into an enticing fitness utopia with infinite potential. 


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Product features

ROCKIT® Wooden Gym Rings are sold in pairs and come with their own individual strap, which is easily adjustable to hang from any height. A smooth textured finish facilitates transfer, such as a muscle up. 

Gym rings are true all-rounders and can be used almost anywhere, provided that the equipment for variable mounting options is available. They are particularly suitable for intensive upper body workouts, but due to the free suspension, they add two crucial components to the exercises, which make the training even more functional.

This means that the force that the arms and upper body apply, for example for free pull ups or push ups, is only optimally implemented if the trunk and legs are stabilized and the movement rashes of the ropes are coordinated. Thus, the design of the rings allows a full-body training with many variation possibilities.

Basically, the rings are suitable for every ambitious athlete, provided that the appropriate mounting options are available. The level of difficulty is adjustable to any level due to the exercise selection, the height adjustment and the placement of the suspension. There are no limits to the top anyway.


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