Skelcore Pro Plus Series Vertical Leg Press Plate Loaded Machine


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Skelcore is a Miami, Florida based premium athleisure and fitness equipment brand. We strive to deliver eco-conscious products to like-minded individuals providing comfortable garments that withstand our most challenging workouts and activities. The essence of human beings and athletes, regardless of age is to protect your Skeleton and build your core - hence "SKELCORE".

Skelcore has been engineered to build fitness communities and help people develop a better lifestyle through strength and endurance training with biomechanics in mind on each machine. Designed in Miami, USA, where fitness is a way of life and physical activity inspires people to live a healthier lifestyle, Skelcore understands that its equipment needs to enable consumers and gym owners to achieve their best and drive performance.
The Skelcore vertical leg press machine is a versatile and effective equipment that targets the lower body muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. It provides a unique leg workout that builds strength, increases muscle mass, and enhances lower body power.

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Product features

The primary exercise performed on the machine is the leg press. By sitting on the machine with the back against a padded support and pushing against a vertically positioned footplate, the quadriceps and other lower body muscles are engaged. Unlike traditional leg press machines, the vertical leg press mimics a squatting motion, offering a more natural movement pattern.

The vertical leg press machine specifically targets the quadriceps, providing a greater range of motion and muscle activation. It offers versatility in resistance and footplate positioning, allowing for customized workouts and progressive overload. The machine also provides lower back support, reducing spinal stress and minimizing the risk of injury. Incorporating the Skelcore vertical leg press machine into a fitness routine leads to improved leg strength, muscle development, and lower body power.


  • Product SKU: SK-PROPLA-027
  • Set up size - 58.27 x 64.17 x 71.26in (1480 x 1630 x 1810mm)
  • High quality padding
  • Steel tube dimensions: 1.9 x 3.1 x t0.11in (50 x 80 x 3mm)
  • Max user’s weight: 441lb / 200kg
  • Load weight: 440lb / 200kg
  • Total load weight: 880lb / 400kg
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