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CIRQ, London

CIRQ, London

Pounding in the heart of The City, on Fleet Street, is CIRQ, one of London’s most exhilarating boutique fitness studios. Featuring in the Top 3 of GQ Magazine’s “Best Fitness Classes in London,” CIRQ is perfect for the capital’s busiest fitness enthusiasts who want to optimise every moment of their workout time.

CIRQ offers fully immersive pre-programmed circuit training, with the most innovative screen technology, for exciting variety and clarity in the coaching of each workout. CIRQ’S two spectacular studios, LIFT and CIRQ, provide 45/50 minute programmes designed to immerse and engage every muscle. Founder Rob Burstein told us:

CIRQ gives its members motivational targets and complete workouts to keep the body moving in all directions. Our CIRQ, LIFT and FLEX products combine cardio, conditioning and power programmes with gamified screen technology for an intense fitness experience. FLEX is a full-body, immersive circuit that allows members to show up, follow the screen instructions and start training at a time that suits their lifestyle. Varying functional kit sustains enthusiasm and keeps the body eager to reach those fitness goals.”

CYC had the pleasure of supplying The Abs Company Battle Rope ST and the ingenious NuFit Nubells to CIRQ, which Rob went on to praise:

“We were very keen to introduce unique and effective equipment wherever possible. Incorporating NuBells was a no-brainer. They look and feel fantastic! The even spread of weight around the wrist is ideal for functional fitness, especially for more complex moves. We have also found them great for our shadow boxing combos.”

When we asked Rob about the imminent re-opening of CIRQ post-lockdown, his response was one of great optimism:

“We have been busily adapting our circuit training to make social distancing completely feasible, and to create as safe an environment as possible. Our workouts will still be focused on the entire body, effective and fun. We'll have some big updates coming soon that we're very excited to share.”


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