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Virgin Active, Bank

Virgin Active, Bank

Pumping in the heart of The City, in Old Broad Street London, is where the Virgin Active Bank family meets for invigorating fitness experiences. Home to Antigravity Yoga, Barre, HIIT and the most exhilarating classes in its stunning cycle studio, Bank offers itsmembers supreme personalised programming and glorious spa relaxation. 

The Brief

For this Collection City fitness hub, the star product for its boutique ambiance and explosive HEAT classes was to the Training Wall®, selected for its ingenuity and versatility. HEAT is one of Virgin Active’s toughest classes, consisting of 60 minutes of intense, group training that focuses on agility, speed, power and stamina. Following the success of Training Wall® at 6 other Virgin Active clubs, CYC was commissioned to design and supply a majestic 24-panel ground-drilled functional training station. 

The Result

Bank is special to CYC in that it is our very first facility to have panels installed on the reverse side, and is only our second site to enjoy the vastly adaptable ground-drilled frame structure to support the Training Wall® system. The clever back-to-back positioning of four of the 24 panels is made possible with sufficient space and the ground-drilled Training Wall® to create not one but two fitness zones. This is used predominantly for one-to-one training with Virgin Bank’s PTs, and offers inventive storage opportunities. The spectacular 20-panel front section features handles throughout, a chinning bar, punch bag arm, boxing bag, tricep dipping tools and TRX anchor hooks. 

Virgin Active Bank took advantage of our exclusive education day, led by CEO and product developer of Training Wall® César J. Muñoz Saez, for the most comprehensive range of training ideas and advice. In keeping with the other HEAT locations, Virgin opted for striking black and white synthetic turf sprint lanes for each column of panels, and a Technogym SkillMill at the end of each lane. Assault Fitness bikes and Concept2 SkiErgs are included within the functional training zone to offer electrifying HEAT variety. Exclusive one-to-one training sessions with Virgin’s PTs guarantee optimisation of these revolutionary Training Wall® enhancements.


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