alphaband V2 Resistance Bands

Maximum resistance with maximum muscle contraction


aerobis fitness bands generate a progressively increasing resistance and are ideal for strength training and muscle building. Maximum resistance is achieved exactly with  maximum muscle contraction. 

Better than dumbbells

If you compare alphabands with dumbbells, two differences are noticeable. First, dumbbells are always used to train against gravity, i.e. roughly from bottom to top. Resistance bands also allow horizontal movements, where the resistance arises in the direction of pull or push. Secondly, the resistance of the fitness bands increases in relation to the stretch. This makes the workout especially joint-gentle. For example, when bench pressing with fitness bands, the resistance is highest when the arms are completely stretched (lock-out). In the starting position, when the shoulders are in the weakest position, the resistance is also lowest. With the fitness bands you can do strength training with moves from bottom to top, and horizontally from top to bottom.

alphaband 2.0 – fitness bands further enhanced

The brand new alphabands are the logical further development of the first generation aerobis  alphabands. They are made of polyurethane, but are even more compact, making them easier to transport and combine. Each band strength is now manufactured individually, and therefore not only produced with rounded edges, but also a permanently velvety surface. The new alphabands feel great, and have now been significantly reduced in terms of initial resistance. At the same time, elasticity has been increased from 100 to 150% to maintain maximum performance. Alphabands 2.0 are now colour-coded according to resistance so that they can be distinguished more easily.

The following variants are now available:


V2 Features 

Product features




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