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Force USA G12 All In One Functional Trainer

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Eight strength machines in one

The Force USA G12 all-in-one functional trainer offers over 300 exercises in one. Engineered in the USA to be tough, sturdy, and superbly versatile, it is essentially eight different strength training systems in one. The G12 is geared towards high-performance athletes, coaches, personal trainers and those who want the strength training and rehabilitation edge whilst training at home.

Imagine having you or your clients quickly switching from functional training to strength training without skipping a beat. Whether you want cable resistance training that connects to stack weights, or barbells loaded with plate weights, the G12 allows you to do both.

The  G12 is a power rack, functional trainer, Smith Machine, dip station, chin-up station, leg press, core trainer, suspension trainer and low row combined into one compact multi-station machine.

  1. Power Rack - To bench or squat, the adjustable commercial J-Hooks allow you to vertically adjust heights when lifting or squatting.
  2. Functional Trainer - Dual cable pulley system connects to their respective 201 lbs weight stacks. Cables are aircraft grade with a massive 2000 lbs weight rating. Pulley systems are easily adjusted vertically on the structure with just one hand.
  3. Smith Machine - Innovative counter-balanced commercial Smith Machine and commercial grade guide rails offer ultra-smooth movement. Fitted with a safe lock and release and a safety catch, you can max out your training without the need for a spotter. 
  4. Vertical Leg Press & Low Row - The only functional trainer of its kind to include a leg press attachment to use either on a bench or on the floor. It quickly transforms into a low row station footpad that combines with the left cable pulley system. This delivers a full-body workout that mimics rowing a boat in the water. 
  5. Chin Up Station - Ergonomically designed multi-grip chin up and pull up station with a massive 771lbs weight rating. Accommodates Classic Grip, Hammer Grip, Wide Grip, Narrow Grip, and Pronated Grip.
  6. Dip Station - The Multi-Grip Dip Handle attachments provide different width options. Conveniently adjusts vertically on the power rack and accepts weight belts or resistance bands.
  7. Core Trainer - Includes an attached landmine station that is suited for all types of rotational torso training An even wider range of upper body training is available when using an optional barbell (not included).
  8. Suspension Trainer - Includes a suspension trainer stirrup which is compatible with resistance band packages, sold separately from Force USA, TRX®, and others.


Power rack

Strong and sturdy, the power rack can support a maximum weight of 450kg. This allows you push yourself to your limits on big compound movements such as squats, overhead press, bench press and many more. Additional band pegs are great for adding resistance or assistance to your exercises. J-hooks and spotting arms are coated in a polymer layer to protect the knurling of your barbells. Weights and barbell are sold separately.

Smith machine

This is a counter balanced Smith Machine built with commercial grade guide rails for a smooth, fluid motion. The lock/release mechanism and spotting catches allow for the user to safely workout without the need for a spotter. Only 2" Olympic weights fit on the Smith Machine sleeves.

Leg press

Thanks to the leg press attachment, the Smith Machine can be converted into a vertical leg press in a matter of seconds. The wide footplate allows for a variety of different width stances to target quads, hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs.

Cable crossover/ Functional trainer

One of the most popular features of the G12 is the cable crossover system. With dual 90.5kg weight stacks and a 1:1 cable ratio, it offers plenty of resistance. The high-quality aircraft grade cables can withstand a maximum load of 909kg for extra peace of mind. Amongst the variety of cable attachments included, is a lat pull down bar and knee support attachment, which allow use of the cables for lat pulldowns.

Multi-grip chin up station

Built into the frame is a multi-grip chin up bar that offers a range of different pull up grips, such as wide grip, neutral, overhand, underhand, angled and different widths. It can withstand a maximum load of 350kg, which gives you the option of adding extra weight to your pull ups.

Dip Station

With the dips attachment, there are a number of different width grips to perform dips. Target the chest, triceps, shoulders and core for great upper body exercises. 

Core Trainer/ Landmine

A popular attachment included with the G12 is the core trainer, or landmine attachment. With the use of an Olympic barbell (sold separately), it enables you to perform a number of rotational torso exercises, and upper and lower body movements. There is the option of using the T-row attachment included, which fits onto the end of the barbell to perform a number of rowing exercises.

Optional extra - Force Fitness USA MyBench FID, with preacher curl and leg developer 

Training options


How does the G12 differ from the G6?

Whilst both the G6 and G12 include stack weights for the resistance of the functional trainer, there are some distinct differences.

Engineered for professional use

Engineered to withstand the rigours of professional use, the G12 is a full seven inches wider for heavy-duty and workout space within the structure.

Designed for every space

Shorter than the G6, the G12 is ergonomically designed to fit into a wider variety of spaces with either low or tall ceiling heights.

Counterbalanced Smith Machine

The G12 has our all-new counterbalanced Smith Machine that counteracts the weight of the bar. This allows you to lift the true weight of the bumper plates you put on to the bar.



Does it come with a bench or a barbell?

No, it doesn't. Benches and barbells are available for purchase separately.

Does it come with weights?

Yes, it includes 2 x 200lbs (2 x 91kg) weight stacks for the functional trainer. However, the Smith Machine requires additional bumper plates available for purchase separately.

What is the cable rating?

The functional training cable is rated at 2,000lbs (907kg)

Can I attach the weight stack to the Smith Machine?

No, you can't. The Smith Machine has two Olympic sized sleeves onto which you load your own plates.

Can I do lat pulldowns on the G12?

Yes, you can. This unit includes a knee holder attachment and a lat pulldown bar.

Can I do squats using the spotter arms or the Smith Machine?

Yes, you can use both. You can squat with your own barbell using the J-hooks and spotter arms outside of the rack. You can also use the safety hooks and stoppers that are built into the Smith Machine.

Are the cable crossovers far enough apart to work your chest effectively during flyes?

The pulley uprights are 48 inches (122cm) apart. The pulleys freely rotate on the uprights, so if you stand outside of the cage you can effectively start your flyes at a wider angle.


Product features

In the box:


Cable pulley ratio: 1:1 50kg load = 50kg resistance

Maximum weight on Smith machine: 360kg (771lbs)

Maximum weight on power rack: 450kg (992lbs)

Maximum weight on cables: 909kg (2000lbs)

Product dimensions (assembled): W: 202 x D: 150 x H: 223 cm (79 x 49 x 89 inches)

Minimum ceiling height: 260cm to allow for a chin up (102 inches)

Minimum room width: 223cm to allow for loading of the Smith Machine (88 inches)

Interior working space:  W: 109 x D: 86 x H: 205 cm (43 x 34 x 79 inches)

Product weight: 438kg (966lbs)

Bolt holes: yes

Weight stacks: dual 90.5kg, weight stacks 181kg total ( 2 x 200lbs)

Installation: optional extra

Warranty: lifetime frame, 6-years pulley and cables, 1 year other moving parts, 90 days upholstery.

Commercial leasing options

Equipment value (ex VAT): £3,332.50

Lease period:

Lease Term 2 years
Weekly Payment £37.66
First Payment £163.19
23 Monthly Payments £163.19
Total Cost £3,916.62
Tax Relief @ 19% £744.16
Net cost of Finance £3,172.46

Benefits of leasing

  • Fixed rates for the duration of agreement
  • Major tax benefits - each payment Is 100% tax deductible
  • The equipment can be earning your next payment from day one
  • No need to have bank loans, overdrafts or pay cash
  • Fast application turnaround
  • Spread the cost of your equipment purchase
  • Protect existing lines of credit and preserve cash flow for business growth

Contact us to apply

All payments shown are subject to businesses trading over 3 years, status and VAT. The tax relief shown is for illustration purposes only. Please contact us to discuss how tax relief can work for you or alternatively your accountant will be able to clarify matters for you. Please note there is a documentation fee due with your first lease payment. Options are available at the end of the lease; contact us for more info.

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