Heavy Duty Bumpers

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Design and shape

The Italian design gives the YOUNIX® Hi-Temp Bumper a special feel. It is designed by professionals and engineered to last. In the manufacturing process, a unique, recycled crumb rubber is used for exceptional quality, a has the advantage of a more pleasant neutral scent than traditional rubber. Each bumper is 450mm in diameter with a 50mm insert opening, just like nearly all other Olympic bumpers. The insert is made of stainless steel, which is both durable and resistant to oxidation. An impressive three year warranty means that, in the unlikely event of product impediment, we will send you a new bumper. It’s that simple.


The bumpers are made of indestructible recycled and vulcanized rubber to absorb shock more effectively than any other bumpers on the market. Their unparalleled rebound attributes offer excellent protection of the surface, avoiding damage to the floor. Designed to endure the heaviest handling, the bumpers' high shock absorption extends the life of the barbell. 

Less sound and vibration 

Noise and vibration caused by dropping weights is a concern to many gym owners and home lifters. Manufactured with that vital feature in mind, these bumpers make a lot less noise, for quieter training and greater consideration for your neighbours. 

Indoors and outdoors

YOUNIX® Hi-Temp Bumpers are your best option for outdoor lifting. Their resilience and elasticity make them very forgiving on even the most abrasive and uneven surfaces. The bumpers' swift compression qualities offer superb impact absorption on asphalt. 

Safe drop

If your training includes lifts where the bar is dropped on the floor from a rack or overhead position, these plates are a no-brainer. Superior bounce protects your floor, bar and the bumpers.




Product features


Bumpers width: 12cm (20kg), 9cm (15kg), 6.2cm (10kg), 3.5cm (5kg) 

Set includes: 1 bumper

Warranty: 3 year warranty on 10-20kg variant plates and 1 year on 5kg variants. Minimal wear of the rubber, which does not affect performance, may occur with repeated use and is not covered by warranty.

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