R92 Recumbent Bike

Easy on the joints with supreme comfort


Award-winning Dyaco partner Sole Fitness combines innovation and durability to provide high quality cardiovascular equipment for the home and light commercial environments. 

Whether you’re already a fitness fanatic, or just getting started, a Sole Fitness product is perfect for taking your training to the next level. Sole has achieved numerous ‘Best Buy’ ratings from customers who have invested in the brand’s treadmills, elliptical trainers and exercise bikes. 

   The most comfortable recumbent bike on the market
-   Compact size allows you to put it anywhere in the home or office
-   Integrated technology provides real-time workout data to monitor progress
-   Smooth transitions when navigating between different resistance levels
-   Bright, easy to read display
Recumbent bikes have become the latest trend in the exercise world and the Sole R92 is leading the pack. Achieving a great workout has never been so comfortable or relaxing.  
To achieve the most comfort in a workout, low impact is an extremely important consideration when it comes to exercise equipment.  Users with foot or joint issues will love our R92. The patented 2 degree inward design of our foot pedals puts your body in its correct posture, minimizing the aches and pains associated with other models.  Another reason users love the Sole R92 is the padded, adjustable seat with its supportive back.  Lower back pain is one of the main reasons why people don't work out.  But with a comfortable supportive seat that adjusts to your needs, you can focus less on being uncomfortable and more on getting in shape.

Statistics show that people are more likely to stick to a routine on a recumbent bike than on other types of exercise equipment.  Our integrated 9.0" LCD screen comes with a clean, easy to view display that will engage the user during their workouts.  If you're the type of person who likes to be challenged, programs such as hill and strength will help you reach your goals.  Or if you're ready for a real challenge you can set up your own custom-designed programs with the User Defined feature or Heart Rate Control.  Along with Fans, MP3/iPod capability and these workout programs, the R92 will allow users to consistently and safely push themselves to the next level. 
And because it's compact and so easy to set up, you could have it in front of a window or in your office.  No more excuses to not work out, the Sole R92 is the answer.
*New for this year, the R92 now includes an Integrated tablet holder. This allows you to use your smart devices to watch shows or follow your workout routines, also included is a USB port to charge your smart devices while working out and Bluetooth Audio Speakers so you can listen to your music from your smart devices through the speakers on the console.

Product features

10 different pre-set programmes for all levels of fitness
Bluetooth technology enables fast syncing of fitness data
Wireless chest strap provides accurate real-time measurements
Multiple hook-ups for all types of entertainment options
  • Magnetic Resistance - Our whisper quiet resistance gives users a smooth transition in between resistance levels, all while maintaining an extremely quiet workout. Allowing users to worry less about fitness equipment noise, and focusing more on reaching fitness goals.
  • Adjustable Seating - Allows a user to move forward and backward on the seat. Because all users differ in height it’s important to have the freedom of finding that perfect comfort level during a workout. 
  • Display - Easy console viewing prevents workout frustrations. Displaying workout info on a large screen is vital for meeting workout goals. Easy viewing means less distractions and more achievement. 
  • Frame - A strong durable frame is vital for Light Commercial bikes. Heavy Steel tubing along with aluminum shroud makes the Sole bikes indestructible but light and manageable. Two wheels upfront act as touch points and make moving the bikes easy and convenient.
  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers - Listen to your music from your smart devices through the speakers on the console.
  • Integrated Tablet/Phone Holder - Allows users the freedom of using their smart devices to watch shows or follow their workout routines.
  • USB Port - Charge your smart devices while working out.


Padded seat is adjustable and provides maximum comfort
2 degree inward design keeps your posture perfect while working out
Heavy duty steel frame and aluminum finish are backed by a lifetime warranty
Cooling fans keep you comfortable during the most difficult points of the workout
Machine Dimensions
  • Height(in):  50"
  • Width(in.):  30"
  • Length(in.):  57"
  • Weight Capacity(lbs.):  300 lbs.
  • Item Weight(lbs.):  134 lbs.
  • Box Dimensions:  57" X 18" X 30"
Controls & Features
  • Bluetooth Speaker Compatible:  Yes
  • Tablet/Phone Holder:  Yes
  • USB Device Charging:  Yes
  • Bluetooth Compatible:  Yes
  • Standard Programs:  6
  • Custom Programs:  2
  • Heart Programs:  2
  • Heart Rate Monitoring:  Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible
  • Chest Strap Included:  Yes
  • Cooling Fans:  Yes
  • Sound System:  Yes
  • Workout Display:  9.0" LCD 
  • Water Bottle Holder:  Yes
  • Adjustable Seat:  Yes; Fore & Aft
  • Resistance:  ECB 1 - 20 Levels
  • Flywheel Weight (lbs.):  20 lbs.
  • Frame:  Lifetime
  • Electronics:  3 Years
  • Parts:  3 Years
  • Labor:  1 Year
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