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Thanks to their hex design, the dumbbells won’t roll away when placed on the floor. This means they are ideal for performing the devil’s press and renegade rows. Each and every Xtreme Elite Hex Dumbbell is tested for quality, performance and longevity. They’ve also been cast as one piece, which means the heads won’t come loose over time.

These compact Hex dumbbells can be used to duplicate many barbell exercises, delivering a high level of performance without taking up too much space. Available in weights ranging from 2.5kg to 60kg, each dumbbell is embossed with the weight you choose for quick and easy identification.

Product features

A staple for home gyms, PT studios and commercial facilities, the Xtreme Elite Hex Dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment for athletes and beginners alike. These free weights can be used to isolate specific muscles, build strength and improve stamina.

Made with heavy-duty, vulcanised rubber encased heads, the dumbbells have an incredibly durable finish. The rubber also helps to minimise noise during workouts and limits wear and tear to both your floors and the dumbbells themselves. They feature chrome-plated knurled handles that are ergonomically designed to offer a firm, comfortable grip, no matter your grip style.


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