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Committed to customer experience

Committed to customer experience

The decision to upscale during a global pandemic was a bold one, some might even say insane, but mission expansion has been achieved. Fulfilling a desire that had been burning for two years, we are proud to announce the creation of our specialist fitness showroom at Artillery Business Park, Oswestry, in the stunning county of Shropshire. 

We have worked tirelessly for almost a decade to bring the most innovative fitness products to market. We select these unique, specialist pieces with great consideration and care, and so it is only natural to assume that our clients wish to do the same. Trying before buying is a vital part of the CYC experience. We wouldn’t contemplate purchasing a car before taking it for a test-drive, so how can we expect to furnish a gym without sampling the equipment? Our inventive brands need to be seen in their entirety, in a working environment. It is therefore, more important than ever that our clients compare, try out and choose the most appropriate equipment for their facility or home. We owe it to our exclusive brands to represent them in the best way possible, to showcase their inventive designs in a 4,500 square feet fitness utopia. 

COVID-19 has made the past eight months so incredibly difficult for the fitness industry. We have the greatest empathy for gym owners, trying to cover their costs after a long period of closure, and now managing stringent government guidelines and significantly reduced numbers of clients.  The impact has been devastating and, as in many areas of pandemic life, we need to pull together, hold tight and ride the storm that will eventually bring brighter times. 

For CYC, coping with Coronavirus required us to rethink and reshape the business very fast. Lockdown was a huge eye-opener for us all. Suddenly employers had to set their workforce up at home and, whilst the stresses of isolation, work and home schooling increased, there was no escape to the gym. As the nation craved normality and wellness, our focus at CYC shifted from commercial to the home fitness market. We had to adapt to these ever-changing work, social and economic circumstances, and swiftly.

Meeting demand for home fitness clients was immensely challenging, with delays in manufacturing and shipping constraints. What potentially could have been a catastrophic time for our business, became a period of contemplation, to react to the situation and re-plan. We used lockdown to channel our creativity and ambition, transforming an era of great uncertainty and distress into one of hope and positivity.

The creation of the CYC showroom allows us to keep growing, spend less time on the road, and focus on offering an exclusive, quality experience. We are also creating new jobs and local collaborations, whilst offering corporate fitness to our employees and partners. It is the icing on the cake for us, and we would like to welcome you to indulge. On an appointment-only basis, you can enjoy a completely safe, one-to-one experience with full demonstrations and the freedom to explore. We have everything, from the niftiest gym accessories to flooring, state-of-the-art cardio and climbing equipment and the sturdiest, most innovative functional training pieces in the industry. Our sales team is on hand to share comprehensive product knowledge and guarantee an enjoyable fitness adventure. 


To book your tour of the CYC Fitness Showroom, call 01691 888 050 or email


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