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Easter Update

Easter Update

As we go into the Easter weekend, in lockdown, our thoughts and prayers are with those directly affected by Coronavirus. We give thanks to our amazing NHS and dedicated key workers. These are immensely difficult times, in which business takes a back seat and global health takes precedence.

As with all businesses, CYC has had to make a great many adjustments to manage the challenges that COVID-19 has brought. Thankfully, we have experienced a positive shift towards home fitness, and sales of compact, mobile equipment and cardio pieces have been very encouraging. However, larger scale refurbishment and installations have had to be put on hold. We are hugely empathetic towards those eagerly waiting to get their new fitness enterprise off the ground, and to the thousands of talented PTs who are currently unable to work and struggling economically. 

COVID-19 has brought the smaller firms to the fore, and seen renewed support of local businesses. As an established gym design and supply company, and member of the FSB, we strive to continue to grow in the face of adversity. We are putting strategies in place to support the companies we liaise with, and to protect the longer-term success of CYC. We are all experiencing first-hand, the importance of collaboration and collective responsibility.

From CYC HQ, we convey our sincerest thanks to our clients and followers who are supporting us. We look forward to tracking your progress in the fitness world, and assisting you in the future with our expertise, gym design and supplies. It is a time to keep looking forward and share positive experiences. If, whilst in isolation, you have a spare few moments to pop a review on Facebook, Google Business or, we would be most appreciative. You know we always aim to reciprocate to spread the great vibes. 


Happy Easter at home.

Stay safe, stay strong.


Sharon Young

Content Manager  





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