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Home is where the start is

Home is where the start is

It’s that time of year when we are desperate to shed those festive pounds, maybe embrace Veganuary and get trim and toned in 2020. Great intentions are at a peak, but sadly by the end of the month there will already be workouts skipped and enthusiasm falling by the wayside. Most people are motivated by fitness classes, the communal gym and all that they have to offer. Some are not at all inspired, and in fact say that they feel so self-conscious they experience gymtimidation. How do we fight those feelings of insecurity? We bring fitness back home, where we feel most at ease, and we take small but significant steps to sustained wellness.

For a regular and progressive fitness routine to take shape, you don’t need to have a dedicated suite, or exorbitant gym pieces. You just need a to create a dedicated spot, your own personal space, that is free of distractions and that can house a few trusty essentials. At CYC, we have had the pleasure of designing and equipping some spectacular purpose-built home gyms, but understand that access to such space and expensive equipment is a luxury. We aim to make fitness accessible for all, which is why we have compiled a selection of our most compact and cost-effective, multi-purpose essentials to get you started at home.

NuFit NuBells

Visually and ergonomically inspiring, NuFit NuBells challenge the more traditional design of dumbbells and free weights with human biomechanics in mind. The vibrant NuBell weights are available from 2.5lbs to 50lbs, and offer a unique barbell system with the NuFit straight and curl bars. NuBells can be slipped onto the curl or straight NuBar, creating a versatile barbell system. Each bar is manufactured from heavy gauge steel, and has an easy button release and latch locking system to secure the weights. NuFit’s compact and stylish racks offer the perfect storage solution, eliminating multiple dumbbell and barbell sets, to ensure you have more space, time and comfort for exercising.

aerobis innovation

Leading-edge German brand aerobis offers light and portable quality equipment that boasts optimal results in minimal time.  The revvll ONE rope trainer provides the best entry into endless rope training. With continuously variable resistance for multi-purpose exercising, its robust construction makes it perfect for beginners and passionate rope climbers alike. Depending on your position, and the revvll ONE’s mounting height, you have different pushing, pulling, and rotating movements that leave no muscles un-involved. A total weight of less than 5kg means it can be used almost anywhere.

aerobis alphabands are the brand’s unique, super-lightweight fitness bands that challenge and support the strength of the whole body, with progressively increasing resistance. The bands are made of antibacterial polyurethane, which is suitable for allergy sufferers. They are ideal for training outdoors and during holidays as they can be mounted with the Anchor Anywhere add-on. The BASIC set contains all five resistances and comes in a practical mesh bag that gives you enough space for all alphabands and an add-on.

The Abs Company X3S Pro

The Abs Company X3S Pro is the ingenious chair-bench combination for a complete abs, legs, and core workout. It allows the exerciser to lie down to perform isolated abdominal crunches, sit-ups, and even full sit-up to stand-up repetitions. Dumbbell floor presses and dumbbell flat flies can be performed with legs secured on the rollers, and the upper body in a prone horizontal position on the floor. The X3S’s removable multi-angle incline bench offers versatility, and can assist those working their way up to the full stand-up movement.  The X3S is engineered for portability, easy storage, and extreme sturdiness. This hybrid full-body system provides maximum results in minimal space.

Gym Gear Plyometric Box

The Gym Gear 3 in 1 Soft Plyometric Box is a fantastic piece of kit that offers endless exercise options. Jump up, over or onto the box, and back down again, in an explosive movement to increase power, acceleration and improve balance and overall agility. With 3 different height options, the plyometric box is a great choice for jumping, step ups, push ups and functional fitness for the whole family. Its soft surface reduces stress on the joints and risk of injury, and assures a stable landing.

At CYC we champion the innovators of home and commercial fitness to offer a wide range of exciting products. We can set you on your fitness journey with the best equipment and accessories to suit your budget and lifestyle. Take a look at our brands at and upcoming online store at, or give us a call to discuss your ideas and goals.


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