Everlasting Medicine Ball

The ultimate, all-in-one slam, medicine and wall ball with the lifetime warranty


It is hard to find a medicine ball that can stand the test of time. The YOUNIX ® Everlasting Med Ball has passed the most rigorous of trials so that you can put it through its toughest paces. This is a ball that can be thrown, caught and slammed into the floor with maximum force. It can handle infinite throws whilst still maintaining its original shape and, if you do manage to break it, we will send you a new one.

The all-in-one, slam and throw Everlasting Med Ball combines versatility, efficacy, safety and durability to offer one unique piece of equipment. Save money and space in your gym with one med ball that can cover all aspects of performance training. The Everlasting Med Ball develops power training and is ideal for core work, coordination, balance and conditioning. Perfect for personal and athlete training, it makes working out fun and interactive without compromising the results.




Product features

Design & Shape

Made of one single piece of heavy-duty virgin rubber, the Med Ball’s textured grippy surface lets you catch it in any weather conditions, whilst increasing the development of power. Regardless of their weight, all Med Balls have the same diameter of 35cm, which makes them perfect for throwing and catching.

Different weights

The YOUNIX® Everlasting Med Ball comes in a range of weights; 20, 30 and 40 kg, to best match your performance level and training programme. For most athletes and clients, 20kg works best. The heavier Med Balls are used for slower and more strength orientated exercises.

The YOUNIX® Everlasting Med Ball is the ultimate conditioning tool guaranteed for life!




Designed: Italy

Construction: innovative compound of virgin rubber

Diameter: 35 cm for all weights

Weight options: 20, 30 and 40 kg

Colour: Black

Warranty: Lifetime against manufacturing defects. Wear and tear of the rubber, which does not affect performance, may occur with repeated use and are not covered by warranty. 

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