Primal Performance Series 125kg Pin-Select Dual - Viking Press & Calf Raise


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The Primal Performance Series 125kg Pin-Select Dual Viking Press & Calf Raise is a versatile piece of gym equipment designed for a comprehensive workout experience. This machine offers a dual function, allowing users to perform standing calf raises and viking presses, targeting calf muscles and shoulders, respectively. With multi-grip pressing handles, adjustable start positions, and a 125kg weight stack in 5kg increments, it caters to users of all levels, accommodating their height and strength needs while ensuring a consistent resistance curve.

Engineered for both safety and performance, this machine features a heavy-duty frame, and laser-cut stack shroud. Its progressive lever system, independent levers, and mutual locking options offer flexibility in exercise selection. Additionally, multiple handle choices, , and calf training supports provide a wide range of workout possibilities. The spring counterbalance reduces the initial load of the levers, and bullhorns allow for extra weight plates, enabling users to customise their workouts for optimal results. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, this machine delivers an efficient and effective training experience.

Product features

  • Dual Function Standing Calf and Viking Press
  • Multi-Grip Pressing Handles
  • Urethane Injection Moulded Pads
  • Adjustable Start Position to Suit Multiple User Heights
  • Bullhorns for Additional Weight Plates
  • 125kg Stack (5kg Increments)
  • 1:1 Weight Stack Cable Ratio
  • 1000kg Rated Cables
  • Heavy-Duty Frame & Laser Cut Stack Shroud


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