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aerobis builds products that facilitate training anywhere and anytime. They are tailored for the Anywhere Athlete; for gyms, professional personal trainers and athletes at home, outdoors and wherever they may be. aerobis creates versatile, innovative mobile training devices, with quality and durability integral to their purpose.

aerobis was born in Cologne in 2009 with the development of the aeroSling. Founder, Elmar Schumacher, originally designed the sling trainer for his own training. He went on to develop and market training products for functional training, for state-of-the-art training of strength, endurance, and coordination. With aerobis training equipment, optimal results can be achieved in minimal time. Workouts can be made more efficient with the focus on movement and muscle chains, instead of isolated muscles. Each individual aerobis piece has its own focal point, whilst working in complete harmony with another for a holistic approach to training.

Product features

The aerobis revvll ONE offers the best entry into rope training. With continuously variable resistance for multi-purpose exercising, its robust construction makes it perfect for beginners. A total weight of less than 5kg means it can be used almost anywhere. The revvll ONE is developed and manufactured in Germany, offering the highest quality for private users, personal trainers, and gyms. 

The revvll ONE uses a mechanical and progressive friction braking system for its 3.5m (11.5ft) long rope made of durable polyurethane. Since the resistance can be adjusted between very easy to extremely hard, the revvll ONE is well-suited to beginners, and passionate rope climbers who want to take their training to the next level. Its extremely sturdy construction, makes the revvll ONE perfect for tough training. It is simple to attach and requires no special tutorial.

Why you need rope training

Rope trainers, or rope resistance trainers, provide probably the most effective way to train strength and endurance in the upper body and core. The stoop position during training requires your legs to work hard too. Training with this rope trainer is more versatile than any other training form. 

Depending on your position towards the revvll ONE, and its mounting height, you have different pushing, pulling, and rotating movements that leave no muscles untouched. With the adjustable resistance, the training focus can be shifted progressively between extreme strength and endurance. The unusually high time under tension, in combination with the unmatched freedom of movement, results in maximum training of the upper body in the shortest amount of time.

Rope pull fitness on a new level

When we hear the term rope pull fitness, we think of battle ropes, rope climbing in the gym, training towers and other types of pulling apparatus. What about a revll rope trainer? The revvll Rope Trainer is the perfect fitness piece for your rope pull fitness. 

The many advantages of rope pull training include:

The advantages of the revvll Rope Pull Trainer

The greatest advantage of the revvll is its small size and mobility. revvll® endless rope trainers can be used indoors as well as outdoors; wherever you have something to hang on. Thanks to the anchor sling and the aerobis revvll Carabiner included, the revvll ONE can be hung from almost any structure. Hang it on any rack, rig, pole, climbing frame or tree and rope pull training can begin. For more stable mounting of the revvll® we recommend using two aerobis revvll Carabiner. The anchor point must be able to withstand a tensile load of at least 300kg (660lbs).

The adjustable resistance of the Endless Rope Trainer provides excellent strength training opportunities and demanding endurance training. Pulling exercises are possible from above, horizontally, and from below, with pulling towers. revvll rope trainers are hugely motivating and fun to use in paired exercises.

Comparison to the big brother

The revvll PRO uses a professional indirect braking system that creates the optimal flow during training.  The rope runs on smoothly when changing hands, because the eddy current brake doesn’t immediately stop the rope. The PRO’s pre-defined adjustment settings make professional training programming easier. The revvll ONE rope can be moved in both directions and handling is very intuitive. The sturdy construction is very forgiving when it comes to rough handling, and the resistance can be set progressively from very easy to extremely hard. The revvll ONE is even more compact and lighter than the revvll PRO.


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