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The changing face of fitness that's causing quite a racket

The changing face of fitness that's causing quite a racket

Last month saw an influx of fitness news items on the much-loved sport of squash, that has left fanatics reeling up and down the country. It is with sadness that, though it is still hugely popular, a great many courts are facing closure due to changing fitness trends and the unprofitability of some of those courts. Squash is a fantastic sport. It is simple and fun to play, and promotes tremendous social interaction but, as boutique-style group exercise classes continue to boom, health club and leisure centre managers are under increased pressure to free up studio space and meet the demands of their fitness community.

At CYC, we have in the past year received an increasing number of enquiries relating to the refurbishment of squash courts. That is not to say they are in rapid decline, but that perhaps one out of four courts in a club is facing revival, to move with the times and keep the sports centre in its entirety healthy and thriving. In response to gym managers’ concerns we, at CYC have put forth some fabulous ideas to keep your clients contented.

Some highly successful conversions of squash courts, have seen the introduction of indoor cycles, to create thrilling high-intensity spin-style classes. With the tall ceilings and solid walls of squash courts, as well as those of spacious industrial estate units, why not consider optimising your space with some statuesque fitness structures? It’s a mighty fine time to go vertical.

A bespoke training rig, that can be difficult to accommodate in a traditional gym, offers endless functional workout opportunities in an ample location. Our multi-purpose training frames makes full use of the space on your fitness floor, allowing up to 12 people to work out at the same time on a single frame. Short, fast, effective, whole-body 360 degree workouts allow you to deliver accelerated results to your members, meaning they’ll keep coming back for more. Fun and unlimited cross-training, strength and functional group workouts can be tailored to the user, making it perfect for everyone, from fitness novices to professional athletes.

A rotating climbing wall, from industry-leading company Brewer Fitness, provides an exciting, full-body climbing workout for strength, balance, and cardio exercise. For fun, and serious training, the past two decades have seen the Treadwall® put to multiple uses throughout the world, earning itself a reputation for ingenuity and legendary durability. The Treadwall® uses Natural Pace Technology, for self-paced climbing, with changeable holds and angles. The wall adjusts automatically to allow users to find their most comfortable angle and rise to the challenge.

The formidably unique Training Wall® could offer your facility unrivalled versatility. The wall-mounted panels coordinate and balance the upper and lower limbs simultaneously, whilst stabilising the trunk’s muscles to maintain correct alignment throughout exercising. Training Wall® provides unlimited opportunities for cardiovascular exercise, strength resistance, and a whole range of exercises to improve flexibility, balance and coordination, thanks to its vast range of performance tools and accessories.

Whatever your choice of functional training structure, CYC can configure it to perfection. We visit you, to carry out a complete site survey, and take precision measurements for your design. You can personalise your rig, with the colours and attachments of your choice, and even select bespoke wraps for your Training Wall® panels. Your equipment is then built to order in the UK with the utmost care and exclusivity. With your ideas, and our expertise, together we can convert your space to create the most exhilarating and varied workout opportunities, with a special focus on vertical fitness.


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